Election Day 2016 Live Blogging and Open Forum

Fellow Grove City College professor Michael Coulter (Political Science) and I will be blogging through the day and evening regarding the election. Feel free to comment via the Live Blog feature and/or here on this post. In the comments section, please include links, news, etc, which interest you about the most bizarre election season in my lifetime.Live Blog  … [Read more...]

Live Blogging Election 2016

Bookmark this page and come back for election night when we'll be live!Join Grove City College professors Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter for observations and discussion of election night 2016.As of Monday morning (11/7/16), Nate Silver's group has Clinton with a strong probability to win. … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas Illustrates What Evangelicals Need to Correct

As the Donald Trump saga nears the end, it will be good to reflect on what can be learned. One thing I hope for is a backlash against false or misleading information being used by evangelicals to make their political points.Case in point:Metaxas desperately pushing older line of conspiracy theories, gets put in his place. This is ugly indeed. Imagine his email forwards. pic.twitter.com/qz8YMbfKbp— Eric Youtaxus (@ericYouTaxus) October 26, 2016Of course, this kind of thing has … [Read more...]

Open Forum: Eric Metaxas Sticks with Trump

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed out today, Eric Metaxas continues to confuse his audience by his support for Donald Trump.His op-ed reminded me of this observation by Mark Noll: The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind. As a serious defense of a vote for Trump, Metaxas fails on nearly every front. He isn't entirely factual, he inflates the flaws of Clinton and minimizes and avoids the flaws of Trump, his reasoning is flawed, and he continues to … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas: Donald Trump Speaks Hyperbolically and Shouldn’t Be Taken Literally

According to Eric Metaxas, people who oppose Trump have taken him at his word and that is a mistake.Really.Read what he told Justin Brierley with Premier Christianity (UK). Brierley: I think they would also point to some of his polices, like banning Muslims from entering the USMetaxas: What fascinates me is how everyone takes him literally, and they don’t seem to understand that he has always spoken hyperbolically and impressionistically. That’s what he does. The idea that he is a ra … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong with a Protest Vote?

James Dobson, who is this year supporting Donald Trump, voted for Howard Phillips instead of the GOP nominee Bob Dole in 1996. This year various Christian leaders want all Christians to fall in line behind Donald Trump. Janet Porter is the latest far right crusader who exhorts Christians to vote for Trump.Theology professor Wayne Grudem told us voting for Trump is a moral choice. In 1998, Grudem raised a standard for elective office that he has now repudiated. This year Dobson isn't … [Read more...]

An Answer to Wayne Grudem about Donald Trump and What is Best for the Nation

Last week, theology professor Wayne Grudem created quite a stir with an essay declaring his belief that “voting for Trump is a morally good choice.” In this rebuttal, I argue in opposition to his position.It is important to note at the beginning that Grudem has opined on moral issues surrounding presidential behavior in the past. In 1998 along with over 150 Christian scholars, Grudem signed the “Declaration concerning religion, ethics, and the crisis in the Clinton presidency.” In that docume … [Read more...]

Actor James Woods Gets In On The Fake Quote Fun With A Fake Hillary Quote

So James Woods appears to be a none of the above type. Anyway, he posted this on Twitter.Read this. Twice. pic.twitter.com/rCxUKl8DX5— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) July 31, 2016A quick search of the book reveals no such quote. Snopes has already been there.@RealJamesWoods @ChortlesWeakly Fake quote https://t.co/OyHag12QQT— Warren Throckmorton (@wthrockmorton) August 1, 2016Crazy season is just getting started. … [Read more...]