Swedish twin study: Q & A with J. Michael Bailey

Recently, I posted here and here about a new study from Sweden involving twins and sexuality (Niklas Långström, Qazi Rahman, Eva Carlström, Paul Lichtenstein, (2008). Genetic and Environmental Effects on Same-sex Sexual Behaviour: A Population Study of Twins in Sweden. Archives of Sexual Behaviour, June 7, published online.) To get additional perspective on this new report, I asked prominent sexuality researcher, J. Michael Bailey from Northwestern University to comment. My thanks to Dr. Bailey f … [Read more...]

Multiple factors involved in sexual orientation, part 2

I posted 2 weeks ago about this twin study but it is now making the media.Here is the abstract of the article from Archives of Sexual Behavior:There is still uncertainty about the relative importance of genes and environments on human sexual orientation. One reason is that previous studies employed selfselected, opportunistic, or small population-based samples. We used data from a truly population-based 2005–2006 survey of all adult twins (20–47 years) in Sweden to conduct the largest twi … [Read more...]

Study examines brain differences related to sexual orientation

This post summarizes a new study by Ivanka Savic and Per Lindstrom, titled “PET and MRI show differences in cerebral asymmetry and functional connectivity between homo- and heterosexual subjects” and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. This is being reported widely in the press.The abstract reads Cerebral responses to putative pheromones and objects of sexual attraction were recently found to differ between homo- and heterosexual subjects. Although this obs … [Read more...]

California Supreme Court recognizes same-sex marriage right

If you get Google alerts or some similar service, you already know that the California Supreme Court has issued a ruling recognizing a right to marriage for same-sex couples. From the San Diego Union-Tribune:The state Supreme Court struck down California's marriage law banning same sex couples from getting married in a historic decision Thursday that declared the law unconstitutional discrimination.The decision will surely touch off an impassioned political fight.The 4-3 opinion is … [Read more...]

David Scasta talks on NPR about the APA symposium

On NPR's Bryant Park Project, David Scasta talked about the cancelled symposium. You will need to listen to the audio to get the discussion since the article is not a transcript.I will have some comments about this as the day goes on... … [Read more...]

Wayne Besen links rape and the ex-gay movement

This is just off the wall.Wayne Besen has a blog post this morning with this title:‘Corrective Rape’ of Lesbians In South African Schools Shows Sickness of ‘Ex-Gay’ MovementIn a confusing post, Besen first suggests via his title that the rape of lesbians in South Africa somehow demonstrates something about the ex-gay movement. Then he says, "these extreme cases do not represent the so-called “ex-gay” movement in general." However, in the last sentence of the post, he hints again at a … [Read more...]

APA travelogue

This will be short. This morning I spoke at the Christian Medical Society breakfast along with Dr. Al Mohler. We presented abbreviated versions of the remarks originally planned for the APA symposium. From there, I had conversations with several psychiatrists who were quite enthusiastic about the Sexual Identity Therapy Framework. Without naming names, I learned that there is a group of gay psychiatrists and observers who were not happy that the symposium did not happen.Something I want to … [Read more...]

More on the APA symposium cancellation

The Washington Times has a lengthy article on the APA cancellation with an interview from David Scasta. For now, I only have time to post it. I hope to have more comment about the whole situation soon.May 3, 2008Other articles about the symposium have come from MedPage Today, Citizenlink and Worldnetdaily.First a couple of corrections and observations about these articles. The MedPage Today article leads by saying the symposium was to have covered "the ethics of 'therapies' for … [Read more...]