Gay Staffer Says Invisible Children is Not Anti-Gay

In a post dated March 19, Vice-President for Business Operations at Invisible Children, Chris Sarette, says IC is not an anti-gay organization. Sarette has some credibility on this statement since he came out as gay in 2007. In the post, Sarette wrote:Invisible Children has attracted supporters, employees and board members who otherwise might sit on opposite sides of the aisle. The Invisible Children community’s common conviction that people are people, and the actions that back it up, are one … [Read more...]

Ugandan Government Reacts to #StopKony campaign

First some video from NTVUganda and then a statement from the government:RESPONSE TO INTERNATIONAL DISCOURSE OF LRA ACTIVITY***Friday 9th March2012***18:00 hour***No Embargo***RESPONSE TO INTERNATIONAL DISCOURSE OF LRA ACTIVITYUganda welcomes all campaigns which seek to raise awareness and highlight the plight of people affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). We are grateful forrenewed efforts which seek to contribute to the arrest of Joseph Kony and t … [Read more...]

#StopKony: How is that working in Uganda? UPDATED

UPDATE: This post brought a strong reaction from a couple of readers who believe I am overstating the threat of Kony to Northern Uganda. Indeed, this article at Foreign Policy makes the case that Kony is not in Uganda currently. I am researching this more and will correct anything I have gotten wrong. For now, in addition to Okwonga's piece, please read Michael Wilkerson's piece at Foreign Policy.Apparently, the Invisible Children video is not playing well in Uganda.---------If you … [Read more...]