The New Yorker almost reports on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The New Yorker published online an article on The Fellowship, titled "Frat House for Jesus: The entity behind C street."The article is lengthy and I need to read it more thoroughly before I give an assessment of the completeness of the reporting but I am not encouraged by the author's treatment of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill:Hunter brought Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the former African rebel who became Uganda’s President, and other key Ugandan leaders into prayer groups. When Uganda’s Par … [Read more...]

Straight man’s burden – Jeff Sharlet in Harpers

In the current issue of Harpers, Jeff Sharlet provides glimpses of his trip to Uganda, reporting there in April and May. It has been out to subscribers for a week or so but here is a very brief part of the introduction provided by Harpers in conjunction with The Investigative Fund. I have seen the entire piece and it is a vivid description of time spent with several of the main movers of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. If you have access to Harpers, read it. It begins:A young man who called h … [Read more...]

Jeff Sharlet on The Economist’s report about Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

On July 1, The Economist published an article regarding Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Cleverly titled, Slain by the Spirit, the article offered some parts truth and some parts falsehood to craft a misleading narrative about the current status of the bill. For instance in a paragraph on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the writer said:A Ugandan Pentecostal preacher, Martin Ssempa, for instance, has mined a rich seam of homophobia in Uganda to help build up his standing. He and other P … [Read more...]

Voice of America examines the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009, Part Two

The show features Bob Hunter, Jeff Sharlet and a call in from David Bahati. Must see TV.A link to the mp4 is to come...David Bahati called in to say that he was invited to the National Prayer Breakfast; this was passed over by the host. This has been denied by the organizers of the NPB as well as sources in Uganda. Then later in the show, Bob Hunter clarified the situation again and recommended that Bahati withdraw the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. … [Read more...]

Voice of America program on Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Today, the Voice of America did a program on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill today featuring Jeff Sharlet, David Bahati, Matt Kavanagh and Olara A. Otunnu.For now, it is downloadable, go give it a view... … [Read more...]

NPR interviews Bob Hunter; repeats the Fellowship Foundation’s (aka The Family) opposition to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Today, NPR's Fresh Air featured an interview with former Ford and Carter administration official, Bob Hunter. An interview with Mr. Hunter was recently featured on this blog via a guest post by Jeff Sharlet.The transcript is here and is interesting reading to say the least. Here is a little bit:GROSS: Uganda now has anti-gay legislation before parliament that is really draconian. It would call for the death penalty for anyone who is gay who had HIV-AIDS, the death penalty for adults who h … [Read more...]

Video: Rachel Maddow Show covers the Fellowship Foundation’s opposition to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

I didn't see the link so it will be hard for viewers to find it, but the guest post by Jeff Sharlet made the Rachel Maddow Show tonight. Have a look for yourself:Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyVisit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyAs I note here, the prospects for the February, 2010 National Prayer Breakfast to be business as usual depends on what happens in Uganda over the next month or so. … [Read more...]

The Fellowship (aka The Family) Opposes Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill: Guest post by Jeff Sharlet

[Author Jeff Sharlet's appearance on National Public Radio elevated the story of the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill to an important level of public awareness. One controversial element of Jeff's reporting was his connection of the Ugandan legislators who introduced the bill to the Fellowship Foundation (aka The Family). I followed up that broadcast corresponding with Fellowship Foundation grantee, Cornerstone Development in Kampala and learned that Cornerstone had no input into the bill. In this … [Read more...]