Wayne Besen and Jerry Mungadze Will Be on Alan Colmes Tonight

Get some popcorn and gather round the radio kids because this promises to be a rip roaring good time.  Bring some crayons too.Alan Colmes is hosting Wayne Besen and Jerry Mungadze on his show tonight which begins at 7pm.  Wayne has more details on his site (apparently this segment will air at 8pm).Mungadze is the Texas therapist who uses crayons to map the brain and says his ex-gay clients demonstrate their change via brain changes. On this blog, Michael Bailey challenged Mungadze to se … [Read more...]

Therapist Describes Colorful Method to Determine Changes in Gay Brains

Brain scans? We don't need no stinking brain scans!At least Jerry Mungadze doesn't. Crayons and markers on a map of the brain tells him all he needs to know about personality and sexuality.Last week, I posted about Mungadze's appearance on the Joni Show telling Joni, Joe Dallas and David Kyle Foster that the brains of his patients go straight as the result of his approach. I wondered at the time how he could support that claim with brain assessment. It turns out that he fully … [Read more...]

Ex-gay Therapist Says He Changes Gay Brains; Michael Bailey Says Prove It

Recently, on the Joni Show, ex-gay therapist Jerry Mungadze said his therapy helps rewire the brains of gay clients. Listen (see RWW for transcript):If you want the full context, go to this segment on the Joni Show and hear the rest.Mungadze did not say how he accomplished this or how he tested it. His website mentions neurotherapy but we are not given many specifics.Being aware that Michael Bailey at Northwestern University has challenged ex-gay therapists to … [Read more...]