The Evangelical Blackout of Sexual Orientation Research, Part 2

Last week, I commented on what I see as an evangelical blackout of sexual orientation research by Christian media and organizations. While I stand by that viewpoint, the situation is actually worse than a blackout. The blackout is selective; some new research is reported. However, the studies reported and the way they are reported seem designed to create a slanted picture.A case in point. Currently, on the NARTH (National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) website, … [Read more...]

Study addresses lesbian parenting and orientation of children

This study is sure to get some attention. From Archives of Sexual Behavior, epublication  Nov. 6, 2010: Adolescents of the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Sexual Orientation, Sexual Behavior, and Sexual Risk Exposure.Gartrell NK, Bos HM, Goldberg NG.Department of Psychiatry and Center of Excellence in Women's Health, University of California, 3570 Clay St., San Francisco, CA, 94118, USA, study assessed Kinsey self-ratings and lif … [Read more...]