Former Mars Hill Pastors Repent at New Website

A new website devoted to repentance among former Mars Hill leaders has opened up at Repentant Pastor is about: We built this site to provide a safe place in which we can confess our sin and share the stories and experiences we had while serving and attending Mars Hill Church. Our hope is to bring about repentance for ourselves and reconciliation with people whom we have hurt. If you are one of those people please connect with us personally through email. You can also … [Read more...]

How to Revise History the Mark Driscoll Way.

"Thanks to Lief Moi and Mike Gunn for helping me plant Mars Hill Church." (Mark Driscoll, 2004. The Radical Reformission, page 9).Last Friday, I posted an article by Becky Garrison on Driscoll's exclusion of two of the founders from the history of Mars Hill Church in his recent materials.However, in 2004, Mark Driscoll gave credit where credit was due. Now, on the Mars Hill website, one would not be able to discern Moi's or Gunn's role.  I can find no mention of Moi or Gunn as f … [Read more...]