Nine Current Mars Hill Church Elders Take a Bold Stand

In an August 22 letter to the Full Council of Elders at Mars Hill Church (click link for entire letter), nine current elders called on the church to change the governance and for Mark Driscoll to submit to a restoration plan. They also raised significant questions regarding the veracity of information which has come from the Mars Hill Church Board of Advisors and Accountability.They prefaced their concerns with a confession of deep concern for the church: Concerns and Critical Information … [Read more...]

The Charges Against Mark Driscoll: What Happens Now?


Yesterday, Mark Driscoll announced a break from all pastoral responsibilities while charges against him are examined. During his announcement speech, Driscoll indicated that he would submit to the process outlined in the by-laws for the purpose of handling complaints against him. He said: I have submitted to the process prescribed by our church Bylaws as overwhelmingly approved by our entire Eldership for addressing accusations against me. I invite this process, rather than debating accusations … [Read more...]

Announcement: Mark Driscoll Will Take At Least Six Weeks Off (UPDATED) (AUDIO) (VIDEO)


Reading a prepared statement, Mark Driscoll told the Bellevue campus of the Mars Hill Church congregation this morning that he will take at least six weeks off as lead pastor of Mars Hill Church while charges against him are investigated. Driscoll preached at Bellevue at 8:30 am to a packed house. According to sources in church this morning, Driscoll said he is meeting with mature Christian men unrelated to the church. The message is being played at other locations this morning.Earlier this … [Read more...]

Is Mark Driscoll Poised to Take a Break from Mars Hill Church? (UPDATED)

Pretty sure now that Mark Driscoll won't be announcing a fund raising campaign for 10700 Northrup Way. This announcement was just posted on Mars Hill Church's social media website: Important Announcement from Pastor Mark Tomorrow I just returned from our all elder retreat and wanted to give you a heads up about church tomorrow. This is a difficult season, but I am encouraged by what Jesus is teaching us through it and about next steps for our church. As part of next steps, there will be an … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Methods: During a Difficult Season, Raise Funds


I think I know what the "big announcement" is going to be tomorrow.Check out the letter below that was sent to prospective donors to the Mars Hill Church Ministry Center. This looks like the silent phase of a fund raising campaign. During the initial phase you go to big donors privately, let them in on the vision, ask their advice on marketing, and make a pitch for a gift. During this phase, organizations often hope to raise about half of what they want.The executive elders announced the … [Read more...]

New York Times on Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church

NYT is on the case with an article by Michael Paulson.Tim Keller weighs in with some tough words for Mark Driscoll.The article references a certain "blogging psychology professor" with several links to the blog.Mars Hill in the form of Anthony Ianniciello spoke to the NYT and issued a statement saying that the charges will be examined by "several governing bodies."  I have no idea what he is talking about. The by-laws require the formation of a Board of Overseers to examine the c … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll to Make Big Announcement on Sunday

Several sources (current Mars Hill members, current pastors) have informed me that church pastors are telling members of the congregation that Mark Driscoll plans to make a "big announcement" on Sunday, August 24. The community groups have been informed to watch for it but there is nothing specific about the announcement as yet.The month of August has been difficult for Mars Hill and Driscoll. Among other items, two church board members resigned, Acts 29 Network removed Driscoll and the … [Read more...]

KOMO News Features Co-Founder of Mars Hill Church in Report on Charges Filed by 21 Former Pastors

One of the other co-founders of Mars Hill Church, Leif Moi, spoke out to KOMO News late yesterday about the charges recently lodged by 21 former Mars Hill pastors. Watch:Moi was dismissed as an elder in 2007. I have spoken to him several times this year and have a sense that coming forward was difficult. According to Moi, he has made several efforts to make amends with Driscoll and the church. … [Read more...]