Sutton Turner: Leaving a Big Church is Selfish

Just when I thought we were getting somewhere...Today, Sutton Turner posted an apologetic of sorts* (pdf of the post) for separation of pastors from pews in big churches. Turner seems convinced that the corporate world is a good analogy for a church leadership.This quote seems to capture the mood: When an organization grows and people lose access to the senior leader, many will take the selfish route and leave. They look back on the smaller, familial organization as the golden days, … [Read more...]

Grading Pastor Dan Kellogg’s Mark Driscoll Homework

In a blog post yesterday, Gold Creek Community Church pastor Dan Kellogg said he did his homework before asking Mark Driscoll to speak at his church on Sunday. According to that blog entry, Kellogg said he spoke with Driscoll's "accountability board."  The unnamed member or members of that board said: “There is nothing Mark has done that disqualifies him from ministry”.  That was enough for Kellogg, but was it enough homework? Kellogg reminds me of the student who attacks a complex subject by … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll Demonstration Taking Place at Gold Creek Community Church


UPDATE: Gold Creek put the sermon up on their website.Mark Driscoll is speaking at Gold Creek Community Church (the live feed freezes often but you can catch some of it here) while a demonstration is taking place outside.He is speaking about Hebrews 11.Outside former Mars Hill members are giving out a flyer about their actions (click the link to read it).Incredibly, Dan Kellogg, the pastor at Gold Creek said Driscoll had been treated unfairly by his staff and that most what was … [Read more...]

Former Mars Hill Church Members Protest Mark Driscoll’s Appearance at Gold Creek Community Church This Sunday

Thursday evening I posted a notice that Mark Driscoll is slated to be the mystery speaker tomorrow at Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek WA. Driscoll's return to the Seattle preaching stage will not go unnoticed by some former members of his former church. See below: For Immediate ReleasePublic Demonstration Protesting Mark Driscoll in the PulpitMill Creek, Washington, May 17, 2015Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek, Washington has invited Mark Driscoll to preach in all … [Read more...]

This Sunday Gold Creek Community Church Plans to Host Guest Speaker Mark Driscoll

Repurpose Gold Creek

According to sources in the know, this Sunday Mark Driscoll will speak at all three services at the Mill Creek campus of Gold Creek Community Church on RePurpose.Last Sunday, a public announcement was made about a guest speaker who has been called one of the top 25 most popular preachers. The pastor also negatively referred to "sour milk" Christians as those who might not want to see Mr. Popular in the pulpit.I called the church to ask for confirmation and was told the church is not … [Read more...]

Transcript of Mark Driscoll’s Speech at the Thrive Leadership Conference 2015

Many have asked if a transcript exists of Mark Driscoll's remarks at the Thrive Leadership Conference on May 1. It does now and is available here. The audio is below.The conference appearance triggered a petition directed at Bayside Church and pastor Ray Johnson. To my knowledge, there has been no response from Bayside to former Mars Hill members.  … [Read more...]

Is Phoenix Next for Mark Driscoll?


After his return to the stage at the Thrive 2015 Leadership Conference at Bayside Church in CA, it seems reasonable to suspect that Mark Driscoll is poised to return to ministry.  If so, where and doing what?In recent weeks, several individuals have contacted me with tips that Driscoll is preparing to plant a church in Phoenix, AZ. In recent days, the buzz has intensified from several independent sources which leads me to believe the information is credible.The moves appear to be at the e … [Read more...]

Audio of Mark Driscoll’s Speech at Thrive 2015 Leadership Conference

The audio of Mark Driscoll's speech at the Thrive 2015 Leadership Conference is now available on You Tube. Listen:Wenatchee the Hatchet has commented on the irony of Driscoll's reference to the "struck shepherd."Driscoll identifies the conflict as being an 8 year conflict that recently went public. He must be referring to the 2007 firing of Petry and Meyers.See related posts on his speech there, audience reaction, and a former Mars Hill attender reaction to it.  … [Read more...]