Mars Hill Church Says A Little More But Not Enough About the Global Fund Changes

In this week's email newsletter to members (dated 7/11/14), Mars Hill Church leaders mentioned the petition asking for financial accountability regarding the former Mars Hill Global Fund. Mars Hill has now admitted that money given to the Global Fund actually went in the church's General Fund and mostly was spent on expanding Mars Hill video sites. Despite the fact that Mars Hill leaders admit there was a separate fund, they are requiring donors to contact the church and specifically … [Read more...]

With Questions Unanswered, Mars Hill Church Keeps On Pushing Mars Hill Global

Last week, Mars Hill Church admitted that they had caused confusion regarding donations to the Mars Hill Global Fund. While answering some questions, they left some unanswered. One big question: How much money was actually spent on Ethiopian and Indian evangelists between 2012 and 2014? Mars Hill offered to direct donations made to the Global Fund to mission purposes if requested. However, I wonder how most donors will ever know they are doing that. How many former/current members who donated to … [Read more...]

Zach Bolen Says Citizens Will Go On; New Album Coming Soon

The fate of the most popular band at Mars Hill, Citizens, has been in some doubt since front man Zach Bolen resigned as an elder at Mars Hill. A bit ago, Bolen tweeted an assurance that the band will continue: Been a lot of speculation out there on the future of @MHM_Citizens since my resignation from Mars Hill. Band will DEFINITELY continue....— Zach Bolen (@zachbolen) July 7, 2014 ...and that a new album is coming soon. .....New album coming very soon.— Zach Bolen … [Read more...]

University of Washington Public Radio Station to Air Segment on Mars Hill Church

UPDATE (7/7/14): You can listen to the segment here. Tomorrow the University of Washington Public Radio program The Record will air a segment on Mars Hill Church. The broadcast is on 94.9 KUOW-FM Seattle from Noon-2pm pacific time. According to the show webpage, the podcast will be available by 5pm on the site.  I was interviewed for the program as were some people who are a part of Mars Hill in exile (former members). I don't know if they interviewed anyone currently involved at the … [Read more...]

A Tyndale House Divided

This morning, David Sessions, editor at Daily Beast, placed this note at the top of my article there. Editor's Note: After this story was published, Tyndale House issued a statement contradicting what they had previously told The Daily Beast. The publisher affirmed their relationship with Mark Driscoll and said they plan to reprint his book, A Call to Resurgence, as sales demand. For further updates on the story,click here. On July 1, Tyndale House leaders issued a statement contradicting … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Admits Fault in Confusion on Mars Hill Global; Still No Report of Donation Amounts

In a change of course, Mars Hill Church leaders admitted they caused confusion, and have offered to direct Mars Hill Global donations to international missions. They still have not clearly provided a specific accounting of the funds but they have come closer. Here are the new questions and answers added which are significant admissions: WHERE HAVE PAST GIFTS BEEN USED? During fiscal years 2009-2014, over $10MM dollars has been given to Mars Hill Church by the Mars Hill global family. During … [Read more...]

Mike Anderson, Former Associate of Mark Driscoll, Apologizes for “Wrong We Did” at Mars Hill

If you are interested in a perspective on the inner workings of Mars Hill Church, you need to read this blog post by former Mars Hill Director of the Resurgence, Mike Anderson. Titled "Hello, My Name is Mike and I'm a Recovering True Believer," Anderson discusses his roles at Mars Hill and his regrets about them. Speaking about his platform to speak out about Driscoll and Mars Hill, Anderson wrote: I spent so much time with him because I was the guy who organized conferences, planned and … [Read more...]

Facing Financial Pressures, Mars Hill Steps Up Solicitations, Lays Off Staff

In the face of financial concerns, Seattle mega church Mars Hill Church has laid off staff and stepped up efforts to collect donations as the end of the fiscal year passed yesterday. According to ex-staff and sources inside Mars Hill church, on June 20, nine staff were let go amid concern about a sudden "budget crunch" from the church’s executive elders. Mars Hill wrote about the action yesterday in their weekly communication to members: Last week we had to make the very tough decision to … [Read more...]