Based on Mark Driscoll’s Missing Video, Christianity Today Asks Theologians “Did Jesus Make Mistakes?”

Beyond the implausible explanation from Mars Hill Church leaders about why the Mark Driscoll's sermon was edited, Christianity Today wanted to know what some theologians thought about the accuracy of the missing material.  So CT's Kevin Emmert asked for opinions and reported six. Emmert started with a theologian who largely agreed with Driscoll's missing six minutes and ended with someone who did not. Since he started at one end, I'll get you started at the other: "We can distinguish … [Read more...] Is Online With Stories From Former Mars Hill Members

A new site -- -- with testimonies of those who once called Mars Hill their church home is now online. These are stories by people who once went to MHC. People are often hurt from their experience at the church and we hope to provide a platform for healing and change.This site gives a voice to those who have been hurt, damaged, abused, neglected, shunned, or rejected by Mark Driscoll and other elders at Mars Hill Church. There are four stories now with more from the … [Read more...]

Question for the Leaders of Mars Hill Church: Where Did the Global Fund Go?


In my prior posts on Mars Hill Global, I have established that in 2011 Mars Hill leaders reworked Mars Hill Global into a means of raising revenue and that nearly $2.3 million was donated toward the Mars Hill Global Fund in the fiscal year from July 2o12 to June 2013.From the Mars Hill Church 2013 Annual Report:According to a presentation at a recent Mars Hill vision breakfast, giving to Mars Hill Global remains robust. For instance, in December 2013, just over $340k was given to Mars Hil … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Reverses Decision, Provides Severance for Fired Pastor

This just in regarding former Mars Hill Ballard pastor Phil Smidt from Jon Krombein and Josh Moore: Hello,W… O… W… To arrive at total amount of donations of $50K in the span of a few days is incredible. Thank you all for all of your continued generosity.There is even more grace that we need to tell you all about!At 6pm tonight Scott Harris, Lead Pastor of Mars Hill Ballard, contacted Phil and notified him that Mars Hill had reversed its position and has elected to give the Smidt fami … [Read more...]

The Phil Smidt Fund Doubles the Goal: Will the Non-Disclosure Agreement Threat Lose Power at Mars Hill Church? UPDATED

UPDATE (6/3): In a surprising move, Mars Hill Ballard pastor Scott Harris alerted Phil Smidt that the church leaders had reversed themselves and will provide a severance for Smidt. No word about what Smidt will do with the $50k raised on his behalf....................As I write this, supporters of fired Mars Hill pastor Phil Smidt have raised nearly twice as much money as the established goal, almost $40k, in less than two days.  Many donors were former Mars Hill leaders and members, a … [Read more...]

Fund Set Up to Help Pastor Abruptly Fired By Mars Hill Church (UPDATED)

UPDATE (6/3): In a surprising move, Mars Hill Ballard pastor Scott Harris alerted Phil Smidt that the church leaders had reversed themselves and will provide a severance for Smidt.UPDATE (6/1): The goal has been accomplished.In less than a day, the fund is now over half-way toward the goal of $20k. Many of those giving are former Mars Hill members and leaders. In a sense, there seems to be two Mars Hill churches, one that is run by the current executive elders and then another one in e … [Read more...]

Another Mars Hill Church Pastor Fired, Reportedly for Questioning Executive Elders (UPDATED)

This was just posted on Twitter:.@PastorMark @suttonturner @davebruskas fired @Smidt for questioning them. #holdeldersaccountable @marshill— Shawn Nickerson (@shawnpnickerson) May 31, 2014Phil Smidt is still listed as a biblical living pastor at Mars Hill Ballard campus (this page has now been removed; I have a copy of it and will put it up soon) and his wife is a deacon (link probably dead on arrival). I have heard this news from several sources but am … [Read more...]

Another Reason to Question Mars Hill Church’s Official Explanation of Mark Driscoll’s Sermon Edits

Acts6 Notes MarsHill

On May 24, I wrote that past members of Mars Hill Church's Media team dispute the official explanation of the deletion of about six minutes of a recent Mark Driscoll sermon on Acts 6:1-7.  After I posted the missing content, Mars Hill spokesmen told the Christian Post that the edits of Mark Driscoll discussing the mistakes of Jesus were in part due to time constraints and not unusual. Furthermore, they stood behind the deleted material. In contrast, former members of Mar Hill who once had … [Read more...]