Two Mars Hill Universes: Repentant Pastor and the Christian Post

Over at the Repentant Pastor website yesterday, 18 former Mars Hill elders posted a letter of confession to Paul Petry and Bent Meyer. In the letter, the pastors confessed being complicit with an authoritarian structure which wronged Meyer and Petry for raising valid concerns. They wrote: We now believe our decisions were invalid and wrong. The entire investigation and trial process was skewed by the implication that your termination was above reproach and for just cause. If there had been sin … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Everett Leaders Want to Go Independent, Will Hold Vision Meeting November 10

An article in the Everett Daily Herald published earlier today reveals that Mars Hill Everett plans to become an independent church. Lead pastor Ryan Williams told the Herald that the elders decided to make a go of it without a congregational vote. Curiously, Williams said the people will "vote with their feet." He had better hope that their feet want to stay in the church.  … [Read more...]

Dave Bruskas to Become Interim Preaching Pastor at Bellevue Church

Looks like Bellevue Church wants to be the Mars Hill legacy church. This just came out: On Becoming a New ChurchFrom Pastor Matt Rogers: Yesterday we honored Thomas Hurst who made the decision to step aside as the Lead Pastor of the Bellevue church. We also touched on the future for our church family and where we believe the Lord is leading us. As your elders look toward a new beginning, we have tremendous hope and confidence that a great future is ahead for us as we proclaim and live the … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Elders Post Letter of Confession to Bent Meyer and Paul Petry

Pastors who voted to disqualify Paul Petry and Bent Meyer as elders have issued a statement of confession and repentance. It begins: Dear Paul and Bent, we want to publicly confess our sin against you regarding events that took place at Mars Hill Church back in 2007. We were wrong. We harmed you. You have lived with the pain of that for many years. As some of us have come to each of you privately, you have extended grace and forgiveness, and for that we thank you. Because our sin against you … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Tacoma to Become Independent Pending Bank Approval; Will The Leaders Open the Books?

According to this Tacoma News Tribune article, the Mars Hill location in Tacoma plans to pursue independent status. If the bank doesn't approve them for a take over of the loan on the building, the congregation will seek a new location.Lead pastor Bubba Jennings is supposed to meet with officials of the credit union which financed the building on November 18 to learn if the congregation can keep the building they meet in now.Jennings told the congregation to keep attending and giving … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Bellevue Pastor Thomas Hurst Resigns


During the 10:30 am service this morning, lead pastor Thomas Hurst announced his resignation. It was announced that Hurst wanted a break from ministry saying that today was his last day as pastor. Hurst then told the congregation that he wanted to be the guy to lead the new Bellevue Church but that he is tired and just can't do it. The Hursts don't plan to leave the church as members but Thomas is going to step aside as pastor. Hurst said the church leadership is looking to find somebody to p … [Read more...]

Open Letter to Gateway Pastor Robert Morris From a Former Member of Mars Hill Church

I have a few comments at the end......................................................Dear Robert Morris, Senior Pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas,I believe you owe the folks who have ever loved Mars Hill Church an apology.  Or two.I watched a Youtube clip of the Gateway Conference in Dallas from a couple weeks ago where you made a little speech about how we ought to think about and behave towards Mark Driscoll.  That clip is here.Robert, I would give you a pass if you were a … [Read more...]

Twitter Reacts to Closing of Mars Hill Church

Mars Hill is trending on Twitter right now. Here are some reactions from a variety of view points.Mars Hill Church will cease to be a single multisite church. May each congregation flourish in Christ!— John Piper (@JohnPiper) October 31, 2014My family and I appreciate your prayers as we explore all opportunities for what's next after @marshill— Justin Dean (@justinjdean) October 31, 2014My heart breaks for brothers … [Read more...]