Former Mars Hill Members Dispute Official Explanation About Recent Mark Driscoll Sermon Edits

In the weekly email to members, Mars Hill leaders provide an explanation about the recent sermon edits I first reported on May 19. The narrative is a similar to what the Mars Hill leaders told Christian Post recently. Recent Sermon EditsYou may have questions about our video sermons and how they are produced and distributed each week. We wanted to provide some clarity on our process and specifically address concerns with the Acts Part 12 sermon that was edited.It is standard operating … [Read more...]

Website Changes: Donations to Mars Hill Global Are Now Donations to Mars Hill Church General Fund


Without admission or acknowledgment, Mars Hill Church continues to change the focus of Mars Hill Global.Previously, I have raised questions about where Mars Hill Global funds go. Church sources have told me on condition of anonymity that very little of the money designated as Mars Hill Global donations (nearly $2.3 million from July 2012 to June 2013) are disbursed to international missions. In recent days, someone at Mars Hill has directed changes to the website to make it clearer that … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Defends Edits to Mark Driscoll’s Sermon on Acts 6:1-7

In an exclusive statement to Christian Post, Mars Hill Church denies that the edits to Mark Driscoll's recent sermon on Acts 6:1-7 were anything unusual. They also stand in support of the content of the edited portion.According to the CP article, sermons are evaluated and then edited on a routine basis. In one sense, this is certainly true. Many people have access to the sermon prior to finished product and can make various suggestions. According to my sources, most editing is for the sake … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church to Hold Vision Breakfast on June 10

I have obtained a memo inviting Mars Hill Church members to attend a "vision breakfast." In a report on the last vision breakfast, it was reported by Sutton Turner that at least one member had questions about the 2012 legal situation for the church in Orange County CA. Turner said he wouldn't answer because he wanted to talk to Kyle Firstenberg first. Vision Breakfast | 6.10.14From Pastor Sutton Turner:Mars Hill Bellevue, My deepest prayer for our church family these past several weeks … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Leases Bellevue College Building; Does the Congregation Know?


On May 9, I posted a memo from Mars Hill executive pastor Sutton Turner about a plan to buy a former Bellevue College building at 10700 Northrup Way in Bellevue, WA.  Mars Hill central offices will need to move by 2015 to make way for development in Seattle and so they need a new home. Originally, the leadership of Mars Hill told their congregation that God wanted them to have a property which had been purchased by Sound Transit. The church even mounted a campaign to convince the owner that the … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Deletes Mark Driscoll’s Teaching on Jesus Making Mistakes

WMWJD?*On May 4, Mark Driscoll preached on Acts 6:1-7. In keeping with usual procedure, the video of the sermon was not posted on the church website until yesterday.Those who watch the sermon on the website are missing some material from the live delivery two weeks ago. A segment of nearly six minutes was deleted from the sermon after discussion internally and some questions were raised externally. I have obtained a copy of the original sermon and have the missing material here.In … [Read more...]

Megachurch Methods: Apparently Mars Hill Global Money Can Be Spent Anywhere


Those in charge of Mars Hill Global seem to agree with me that Mars Hill Global is really Mars Hill Church.Last week, I posted a 2011 document about the rebranding of Mars Hill Global (among other things, "cultivate an international audience and giving base") and a slide showing the dramatic rise in giving on behalf of the MH Global brand. After those posts appeared, a sentence was added to the website description of MH Global: Mars Hill Global has the same mission as Mars Hill Church - ev … [Read more...]

Megachurch Methods: And By Mars Hill Global We Mean Mars Hill Local


Yesterday, I posted a Mars Hill Church document about the rebranding of Mars Hill Global as a revenue source. The document was sent out by MH Pastor Sutton Turner in 2011 to the Media and Communications Teams and began: When it comes to giving potential, Mars Hill Church's global audience is a sleeping giant. Since 2011, the giant has indeed ceased from slumber. At a recent Mars Hill vision breakfast meeting, this slide was presented to the congregation:These numbers are increasing … [Read more...]