Justin Dean Talks About What Went Wrong at Mars Hill Church

I haven't watched it all yet but for those who want to get all perspectives, this is a valuable session with Justin Dean. Some of it leaves me scratching my head but if he is serious, it helps give insight into the demise of the church. I'll add observations throughout the day and evening.Dean talks about Mars Hill Global Fund (42:00) and calls the accusations about it "craziness."  He says there were "a lot of evil people out there" (42:51) attacking. Dean said there was "evil at work, … [Read more...]

A Year Ago World Magazine Broke the Mark Driscoll New York Times Best-Seller List Story; Will Hillsong Host His Comeback?

Seems like yesterday that ResultSource and Mars Hill Church's book selling scheme came into the public consciousness. However, it was a year ago today that Warren Smith's article was posted. The next day, I posted the contract signed by Mars Hill Church executive pastor Sutton Turner and ResultSource CEO Kevin Small that spelled out the arrangements which if followed would lead to a spot on the New York Times best-seller list.While it took several months for Mars Hill Church to unravel, that … [Read more...]

Quest Church Paid 9 Million for Mars Hill Ballard

Wow, Mars Hill Church made $4.2 million on the sale of Mars Hill Ballard to Quest Church.I reported last month that Quest Church purchased the building. The price was revealed yesterday in an article in the Puget Sound Business Journal. Read that article for the details.That profit should help pay for the severance packages of the executive elders and perhaps give the "independent" churches some seed money.  At least that is one theory about where the money will go. Despite soliciting … [Read more...]

Relevant Magazine Asks What We Can Learn From the Downfall of Mars Hill Church, No Voices From Exiles

Ruth Moon writing for Relevant Magazine interviews Jennifer McKinney, Gerry Breshears, Samuel Rodriguez, Francis Chan, Kate Bowler, and William Vanderbloemen to seek answers to her question.Seems like it all comes down to celebrity and business. Don't worship the pastor and don't make church a business.While those are two important components, I hope there is more to learn than that.Some observations:Breshears is described as Driscoll's mentor from 2000-2010. According to … [Read more...]

Former Mars Hill Church Spokesman Justin Dean Gives Advice About Dealing with the Press

Former Mars Hill Church spokesperson offers advice to churches on how to handle the press in his new gig with Ministry Communications Association.He certainly has had experience doing so and it appears he has taken some valuable observations away from his time at Mars Hill.When I read this tip, I thought of the ResultSource New York Times Best Seller list fiasco. If you know press may start poking around about a certain topic, gather your team and come up with approved messaging and b … [Read more...]

Quest Church Has Purchased the Building Formerly Known as Mars Hill Ballard

Quest Church Purchases Mars Hill Building (Press Release)

It is official: Quest Church in Seattle has purchased the old Mars Hill Ballard location. In a press release out late last night, the church announced that it will rent the building to Cross and Crown Church, the current occupant until they can move into a new facility.Sources in a position to know have told me that Cross and Crown Church leaders (formerly Mars Hill Ballard) plan to move into the old Mars Hill University District building sometime later this year. Mars Hill Church is in … [Read more...]

Quest Church to Occupy Old Mars Hill Ballard Building


Although details are few, an announcement in church this morning indicated that Quest Church, pastored by Eugene Cho, will occupy the old Mars Hill Ballard building.An unidentified staffer indicated that a press release would come out later this week with more details. It is not clear at this time whether Quest Church will purchase the building or enter into some other kind of relationship with what is left of Mars Hill.Mars Hill Church ceased holding services on the last Sunday of … [Read more...]

Another Former Mars Hill Church Pastor Posts to Repentant Pastor Website

Demonstrating that the fall out from Mars Hill's demise is ongoing, former Mars Hill pastor James Harleman posted an essay of confession on Saturday. It begins:I sat on a bed upstairs in our room at the retreat home, my head in my hands, asking my wife if our lead pastor was fit to be an elder… if the state of his marriage was in a place wherein he needed a sabbatical, and if his verbal evisceration of another elder’s wife – simply for offering a gentle word of counsel – was anything but depl … [Read more...]