Mark Driscoll Addresses Mars Hill Church About “One Of The Deepest Learning Seasons” Of His Life

mark Driscoll learning season

Update: The entire video is now available on the Mars Hill website.Saying he wanted to give the church an update on “one of the deepest learning seasons” of his life, Mark Driscoll delivered a 30 minute video message via the Mars Hill weekly update yesterday.  Without giving many details about “the season,” Driscoll hinted at several issues but ignored others.Driscoll began by discussing the beginning of his Christian life and the beginning of Mars Hill Church. Consistent with the dominan … [Read more...]

What If The Global Fund Actually Went To International Missions?

According to the Mars Hill Global FAQ page, $10 million have been given by non-members to the church. This is about as specific as one can get since they don't provide enough information to sort it all out. Here is what they say about giving by the "global family":WHERE HAVE PAST GIFTS BEEN USED? During fiscal years 2009-2014, over $10MM dollars has been given to Mars Hill Church by the Mars Hill global family. During that same time period $22.48MM has been spent on church planting in the … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Claims Copyright Violation on Mars Hill Global YouTube Videos


Mars Hill Church has claimed copyright violation due to my posting video clips of Pastor Mark Driscoll telling members about Mars Hill Global. Despite hours of Mars Hill material on YouTube, Mars Hill has chosen to aggressively move against the Mars Hill Global content. They also issued a take-down request on a video hosted by YouTube account "muscleman." That video had been up for months on YouTube, but was targeted the day after I pointed out that Mars Hill removed it from their … [Read more...]

Crosscut on Mars Hill Church’s Recent Problems

Reporter Stacie Solie has a dark view of Mars Hill Church's recent problems in today's online edition of Crosscut, a Seattle area news and information website.The first paragraph provides a taste: There are emerging stories of sensational kangaroo courts and "sex demon" trials, like something out of the Salem witch hunts of the 1600s. Even more devastating to individual members are the ways in which they are shamed, taught to blame themselves and each other when they see problems, and to … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church’s International Mission Ministry: Mars Hill Global


Subtitle: How Long Until These Pages Are Scrubbed?Sometime in 2012, the focus of Mars Hill Global became solidly on Global being the way Mars Hill Church did international missions. Do Mars Hill Church leaders still consider Mars Hill Global to be their international missions outreach? Despite the elimination of the Global Fund, the Mars Hill website still indicates that Mars Hill Global is the way Mars Hill Church supports international missions.For instance, look at the current FAQ p … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Scrubs Three Mars Hill Global Videos


UPDATE: Mars Hill claimed a copyright violation against the videos embedded below which resulted in them being removed from YouTube.I'm not sure what to make of it but Mars Hill Church has made three videos private which were once featured on their Mars Hill Global You Tube channel. Two of them feature Pastor Mark Driscoll (in mid-2012) and in the other one, Pastor Sutton Turner (Jan. 2013) asks Mars Hill members for money to support Ethiopian church planting efforts (for a short time, you … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Member Wants Accounting of Global Fund Donations


In late June, Mars Hill Church admitted that leaders took money designated for the church's Global Fund and funneled those donations into their General Fund. On July 1, the church's website disclosed that "the preponderance of expenses" were allocated to "church plants and replants in the U.S." as opposed to mission efforts in India and Ethiopia. The church plants were Mars Hill Church branches  in the United States.Then in their July 11 newsletter, Mars Hill briefly addressed a petition at … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Says A Little More But Not Enough About the Global Fund Changes

In this week's email newsletter to members (dated 7/11/14), Mars Hill Church leaders mentioned the petition asking for financial accountability regarding the former Mars Hill Global Fund. Mars Hill has now admitted that money given to the Global Fund actually went in the church's General Fund and mostly was spent on expanding Mars Hill video sites. Despite the fact that Mars Hill leaders admit there was a separate fund, they are requiring donors to contact the church and specifically … [Read more...]