Dave Bruskas on Mark Driscoll’s Resignation: “I Don’t Think That Was The Most Redemptive Outcome”

On December 3, 2014, Dave Bruskas engaged in a Q & A period conducted by the elders with some members of the Mars Hill Albuquerque congregation (soon to be known as North Church) attending. The questions were pre-selected by the elders with the congregation not allowed to ask questions at the meeting. Bruskas is about to return to Albuquerque as preaching pastor of the church which he once pastored before it became part of Mars Hill. In the meeting, Bruskas addressed  his views about his … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Bellevue’s New Preaching Pastor Jeff Vanderstelt on Why People Are Disillusioned with Church

Note: This video was published in September 2013. I am not saying he is talking about Mars Hill Church. He is talking about church in general. I think the present situation will give Soma and Rev. Vanderstelt an opportunity to apply this teaching which came long before now. Vanderstelt, who was named yesterday as pastor of Mars Hill Bellevue (soon to be Bellevue Church), has some good things to say about why people are turned off from church. I think he missed other reasons equally as … [Read more...]

Jeff Vanderstelt Selected as Lead Teaching Pastor at (Mars Hill) Bellevue Church

This was announced earlier today via The City: From Pastor Jason Skelton: On behalf of the elders of Soma Tacoma and Bellevue Church, it is our privilege to share with you today the news that Jeff Vanderstelt has been selected as the Lead Teaching Pastor of Bellevue Church in Bellevue, WA. Over the last six weeks, the elders of Bellevue Church and Soma Tacoma have been praying together to seek the Lord and know His will in this important decision. It has been our desire to create as many … [Read more...]

Eastside Church (Was Mars Hill Bellevue) Chooses New Staff; Is Soma Still Involved?

This came out earlier today.Sounds like business as usual with no mention of Soma or Jeff Vanderstelt. Some Good News Heading Into 2015 Pastor Jason Skelton Eastside Family,As we soon close out 2014 and head into the New Year as a new church, we wanted you to be aware of some good news for 2015.Staff SelectionWe have been prayerfully considering a number of hires for the new church staff. By God’s grace and your generosity, we are able to support a great team to serve and e … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Military Mission and Mars Hill Global: When Two Became One


When the two became one account, that is.As Mars Hill Church winds down, I am looking back through my notes and materials to see what other information might be relevant to the big picture. One part of the Mars Hill story that I haven't spent much time looking at is the Mars Hill Military Mission. I did some research on it months ago but didn't write about it. However, writing about Global earlier today reminded me of a connection between Mars Hill Global and the Military Mission. The … [Read more...]

Some Questions for Soma Church from Soma Members About the Mars Hill Bellevue Replant

In recent days, several members of Soma churches have written me with questions they have posed to either their local pastors or to the leaders at Soma Tacoma. The questions relate to the relationship between Soma and Mars Hill now and after the transition to independent churches. I don't know the answers to these questions and have posed them to my contacts at Soma with no answer as yet. The members who wrote have not gotten answers either.I am posting them here because I think if several … [Read more...]

Is Mars Hill Church Launching 11 New Churches?


They say they are.At least one of them (Bellevue) is supposed to be a Soma church replant. Despite the attempt at addressing questions of public interest, Jeff Vanderstelt and Soma have left questions about Mars Hill's legacy unanswered.  I have asked Soma about the financial aspects of getting seed money from Mars Hill, as well as questions about transparency regarding the Global Fund with no answers as yet.I am also getting emails from Soma church members around the country who are … [Read more...]

Megachurch Methods: Mars Hill Church Staff and Compensation Matrix


In the Leadership Journal article by Ben Tertin, former Mars Hill Church pastors Bill Clem and Tim Gaydos described the metrics by which the executive elders of Mars Hill Church decided how much staff to allow at each location. As it turns out, Mars Hill leaders used attendance and financial metrics to guide that decision. I have obtained a matrix which outlines the criteria for adding staff to the Mars Hill franchise locations. While I am not sure how rigorously this matrix was enforced, it is … [Read more...]