Mars Hill Everett to Become Foundation Church


Last night at Mars Hill Everett, an announcement was made to carry on under the name Foundation Church. See below: … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll Still Featured at Hillsong in 2015


Despite the unfinished business at Mars Hill Church, Mark Driscoll is still a featured speaker at Hillsong's Sydney Australia conference next year.A flyer given out in church last Sunday tells the tale. The brochure claims the conference will champion "the cause of local churches everywhere." Everywhere except Seattle...  … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Tacoma to Become Resurrection Church in the New Year

According to the pic linked in this tweet, the announcement was made yesterday to give Mars Hill Tacoma the name Resurrection Church.Tacoma has some serious debt to address with the credit union before it can resurrect the church.I hope to have an update on all the locations out soon. … [Read more...]

Dave Bruskas to Join Mars Hill Albuquerque in January

The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place.Today, according to a source in the church, ¬†it was announced at Mars Hill Albuquerque today that lone remaining Mars Hill executive elder Dave Bruskas will join the church as teaching pastor.Bruskas was slated to be interim teaching pastor at the new Bellevue Church (Mars Hill Bellevue), but apparently things have changed there.Bruskas church, City on a Hill, was the first out of state church to join Mars Hill. Looks like he is going … [Read more...]

Robert Morris at Gateway Church: I Know How to Build a Healthy Church

Since Robert Morris snubbed his nose at the elders of Mars Hill Church, I have been curious about the third largest church in the nation. As noted earlier today, sources¬†within Gateway and Mars Hill have indicated that Driscoll may be on the way back. If he does make a come back, Driscoll might credit Morris. Morris told his pastors' conference that he has been advising Driscoll and he has an obvious track record. In fact, Morris boasted about this ability last night to his church. … [Read more...]

Sources: Mark Driscoll Considering a Return to Ministry

According to reliable sources within Gateway Church and Mars Hill Church, Mark Driscoll is exploring a return to ministry in either Texas or California. I have been hearing this since Driscoll appeared on stage during the Gateway pastor's conference in October, but only recently have sources within both Gateway and Mars Hill confirmed it.According to sources who want to remain unnamed due to fears of retaliation, Driscoll has been offered assistance from Robert Morris to help set up a church … [Read more...]

New York Times on Christian News, World, and This Blog

Mark Oppenheimer in the New York Times writes about World Magazine's news reporting on Mark Driscoll. I appreciate Oppenheimer's mention of this blog as well. Of course, there are other outlets which provided coverage of the Mars Hill story (e.g., Wenatchee the Hatchet, Religion News Service, CT, CP, etc.). With some help, I am working on a timeline which should bring together the events and important stories of the past year.The article was online last night and is in today's print … [Read more...]

Unanswered Questions at Mars Hill Church

Barring intervention, we now know that the trajectory of Mars Hill Church is toward dissolution.However, several questions from members and former members persist without answers. Even in the increased communication from Dave Bruskas and lead pastors, some business is unfinished. I will list them here and hope the church will eventually address them.Global FundHow much was collected into the Global Fund from 2012 to 2014 and how much did Mars Hill Church leaders spend on Ethiopian … [Read more...]