Dude, Where’s My Logo?


This is what happens when you host your logo with someone else. As we can see now (and probably not for long), at least one markdriscoll.org element was hosted by Mars Hill Church. Since that website and related assets went away, the Mars Hill assets will not show up anywhere else...including Mark Driscoll's copy of the old MHC website.  … [Read more...]

Say Good-Bye to Mars Hill Church’s Web Presence Tonight (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The website now has a history of the church and directory of locations which are attempting to become independent churches.The history includes Leif Moi and Mike Gunn as co-founders and in 2014 there's this: While the year began with much joy, 2014 was a year marked by trials, tribulations, and ultimately—transitions. Facing mounting criticism as the church investigated formal charges against him, Pastor Mark Driscoll submitted his resignation as vision and preaching pastor on O … [Read more...]

Seattle Times Covers the Last Day at Mars Hill Church

Some interesting news in this article about the new Cross and Crown Church (formerly Mars Hill Ballard).For those keeping up, the article is a brief update on Ballard.According to the report, the Evangelical Credit Union, who is financing the building, wants to see fewer paid staff on the leadership team.   … [Read more...]

The Title of Mark Driscoll’s New Non-Profit is Trademarked by Two Other Organizations (UPDATED)


Update: markdriscoll.org is back up. There are some diffeMars Hill elements remain (e.g., navigation bar, and logo) are assets of the church and presumably are being pulled from their servers. For instance, the logo:The sites are telling Facebook they are the same site by using the same Facebook insight tag: marshill.commarkdriscoll.orgThere is content which comes from Justin Dean's new company Doxa Media (for instance this image on the "Get" tab).Also, see update at … [Read more...]

Top Ten Posts of 2014

It should be no surprise that all of the top ten posts relate to Mars Hill Church in some way. Here they are:Acts 29 Network Removes Co-founder Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church From Membership (UPDATED) Twenty-One Former Mars Hill Church Pastors Bring Formal Charges Against Mark Driscoll Mars Hill Church Board of Elders: Mark Driscoll Resigned Instead of Entering a Restoration Plan The Storm at Mars Hill Church: Mark Driscoll Explains It All Mars Hill Church Board Reacts to Being … [Read more...]

The Final Sunday at Mars Hill Church: Rick Warren, Broken Trees and Unfinished Business (Video) (Audio)

Not long ago, Rick Warren finished preaching the last sermon to the remaining locations of Mars Hill Church. I may have more about the sermon later, but for now I want to pick out one phrase: Even in God's garden of grace, broken trees bear fruit. According to someone who heard the message, Warren said this while showing a picture of a fallen tree with eight new trees growing out it.For many, Mars Hill Church was not a broken tree. They made their nest in that tree and are mourning today … [Read more...]

Markdriscoll.org is a Copy of Marshill.com


UPDATE: markdriscoll.org is down, and has been unavailable since the evening of 12/27, just a few hours after this post went live. There is an interesting message for visitors:At least he is sorry about something.............................. (Original post starts here)So says Justin Dean, recently departed spokesman for Mars Hill Church.*There is a reason why Markdricoll.org looks like Marshill.com: Driscoll's new site is a copy of the church website. In addition to the … [Read more...]

Letter: The Legal Case Against Mars Hill Church

Letter to Mars Hill Fahling 12 24 14

I have obtained a letter from attorney Brian Fahling to Karen Cobb, attorney for Mars Hill Church. Fahling represents several plaintiffs who allege various offenses, some of which are public claims covered by federal racketeering statutes. The letter, dated December 24, specifies the legal case against Mars Hill. The plaintiffs would like to mediate but Mars Hill Church leaders (not sure who all that includes right now) have not agreed, according to the letter.For this post, I am simply … [Read more...]