Mars Hill Albuquerque to Become North Church

This isn't particularly new but I don't think I have posted it here. Mars Hill Albuquerque is now doing business as North Church. In this video, a church volunteer describes the transition from The City to Church Community Builder.Those interested in the church where Dave Bruskas will land can follow North Church video updates here. Apparently the name and incorporation hasn't been changed as yet, since the church is still incorporated as Mars Hill Church.   … [Read more...]

Leadership Journal Seeks Lessons on the Demise of the Church from Former Pastors and Advisor

Subtitle: Gerry Breshears finally speaksBen Tertin at the Leadership Journal has a long article out today online which hopes to examine some "painful lessons" from the demise of Mars Hill Church. One aspect of the article which makes it necessary reading for Mars Hill watchers is the on the record statements from former pastors Bill Clem and Tim Gaydos. Both former pastors had much to say about the corporatization of church under Mark Driscoll, Sutton Turner, and Dave Bruskas.I recommend … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Posts 2014 Annual Report; No Resolution of Global Fund


Maintaining certain fictions until the end, Mars Hill leaders posted the 2014 annual report today.The section on Mars Hill Global and Mars Hill Go reflects what happened to Mars Hill Global after I reported on the tactics to promote missions but use Global Fund money to fund U.S. expansion.Between 2012 and May 2014, the Global Family was called the "Mars Hill Extended Family" and Mars Hill Go was marketed as the Mars Hill Global and the Global Fund.The annual report maintains an … [Read more...]

Former Executive Elders of Mars Hill Church May Face RICO Lawsuit

According to former Mars Hill deacon Rob Smith and Seattle attorney Brian Fahling, a lawsuit is being prepared with Mark Driscoll, Sutton Turner, David Bruskas, and Jamie Munson named as defendants. The suit may not be filed until later this week or early next week. Those bringing the suit have alerted Mars Hill Church leaders and hope to engage in talks which could serve to prevent the suit from going forward.A civil RICO claim (see link for statutory basis of a Racketeer Influenced and … [Read more...]

Research for Mark Driscoll’s Delayed Book — The Problem with Christianity — Available to the Masses

This is an interesting development.The research which formed the foundation for Mark Driscoll's now postponed book, The Problem with Christianity has now been made available for free download on the Mars Hill Church website.The way the description of the research report closes makes me wonder if Driscoll is going to release his book: Our hope is this valuable research can be helpful for you as you prepare content such as sermons, books, or blog posts. When he took his six week "focus … [Read more...]

Soma’s Jeff Vanderstelt Answers Some Questions Regarding Mars Hill Bellevue Transition

Last week, I asked Nick Laparra several questions about the transition from Mars Hill Bellevue to Bellevue Soma (or Soma Bellvue). Laparra just emailed to say that many of those questions have been answered in an open letter, which I am reproducing here. Jeff Vanderstelt, the Soma pastor tapped to possibly take on the preaching duties at Bellevue, wrote on the Soma website: In light of the recent announcement that I am considering replanting a new church out of Mars Hill Bellevue which will … [Read more...]

Bellevue Church Elders Choose Jeff Vanderstelt To Be Teaching Pastor

The elders of Mars Hill Bellevue, soon to be doing business as Bellevue Church (or will the church be called Soma Bellevue?), have decided on Jeff Vanderstelt as their teaching pastor.They are meeting now with the congregation to discuss the call to Vanderstelt. The elders believe he is the guy but they are asking the church to pray about it before a decision is made. Is this a hint that the congregation will have a vote? Stay tuned. The note to the church is below and the letter describing … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church 2011 and 2012 Executive Compensation Studies


Yesterday in a blog post on the church website, Mars Hill Church described again how they set executive salaries. Mars Hill Church utilizes external salary surveys for large churches from two sources for determining it’s staff salaries, and an independent compensation study for our executives. Executive salaries also undergo a separate, additional independent third party review of appropriate salary setting procedures, accuracy and internal payroll controls.None of the Executive Elders set t … [Read more...]