Mars Hill Church Letter: Maybe the Most Positive Spin I’ve Ever Seen


Rob Smith posted a donor thank you letter from Mars Hill Church he received recently. It has to be the most positive spin on the situation I have seen yet.   I gotta say that must have been a hard letter to write. There probably is no how-to course in how to this.Read Rob Smith's take on it; there are still many unanswered financial questions that were not addressed here. … [Read more...]

Are Mars Hill Church’s Kids Ashamed of the Parent Church?


Last week, I noticed something about the independent churches "birthed" by Mars Hill Church (see directory). Most don't mention their parent church on their website.To me this seems odd since the Mars Hill Church website says this:If I had given birth to 11 kids, and they didn't talk about me, I might be a little hurt.I did a Google search of the new church websites and found that only Mars Hill Albuquerque (now North Church), described the link to the Mars Hill legacy. One … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll in 2012: Lots Going On With Mars Hill Global

Once upon a time, Mars Hill Church leaders hosted by invitation only "vision breakfasts" for large donors. A former member taped one of the presentation made by Mark Driscoll about the various ministries of the church. This source sent a clip of Driscoll just as he began talking about Mars Hill Global. On May 10, 2012, Driscoll told the crowd: We're seeing a lot going on with Mars Hill Global. Lots of money coming in so we can translate the sermons into Spanish. We've gotten the Doctrine book … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Website Searchable Again; Global Fund Pages Restored

HelpChurch Planters MHGlobal

After months of being blocked by robots.txt code that prohibited searching the Internet Archives, Mars Hill Church's website is now searchable again. About a year ago, the church blocked searches of archived pages. I was common for pages to disappear from the Mars Hill website shortly after I linked to that page. Now those pages should show up in searches of the archive.For instance, pages about the Global Fund frequently disappeared from the website after being posted here. They were not … [Read more...]

Member of Church Formerly Known as Mars Hill Albuquerque Pens Reflections on Church Closing

Levi MacAllister, also known as Levi the Poet, is a current member of North Church in Albuquerque (formerly Mars Hill Albuquerque). On his blog, he recently penned an open letter to Mark Driscoll and the leadership of the church formerly known as Mars Hill. Levi provided the link in an email along with an apology. You'll understand the apology when you read the letter. Some highlights: I don’t think that “The Rise & Fall Of Mars Hill Church” can be narrowed down to one man. Or three execu … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas Says Driscoll Needs Grace, Never Heard of ResultSource, Buying Best Seller Spot is Wrong but Complicated (UPDATED)


UPDATE: Christianity Today informed me they stand by the quotes in the article..........................Last night Eric Metaxas briefly addressed his statements in yesterdays Christianity Today's article on the ethics of buying a spot on the New York Times best-seller list.To recap, you can read what Metaxas told CT here and below.Late last night, Metaxas addressed concerns about his statements in the CT by appearing to backpeddled from them. I don't think "buying" one's way … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas to Christianity Today: Getting on Best-Seller Lists is Good Stewardship (UPDATED)

UPDATE (1/8/15) - Eric Metaxas commented last night on Twitter about the CT article. I have a post at this link where his Twitter comments are presented. He said buying a spot on the NYT's list is wrong but then said it was complicated. I think he could go further but this may be it...............................(Original article begins here)According to Christianity Today, author and evangelical leader Eric Metaxas said Mars Hill Church did nothing wrong by using ResultSource to get … [Read more...]

Christianity Today Revisits the Ethics of Using ResultSource to Score a New York Times Best Seller

Tonight, Christianity Today's Ken Walker posted an article on the ethics of buying a spot on best seller lists. The coverage, which is also in the January print edition, links to the ResultSource contract I posted here.  Although I am surprised the views of Crossway executive Justin Taylor were not included, this is an important article with reaction from numerous industry sources. Most publishers who commented took a dim view of the methods used by ResultSource.Some surprises from the a … [Read more...]