More Evidence That Mars Hill Global Was Ministry of Mars Hill Church

UPDATE: That was fast (around two hours). The video evidence has been removed from Vimeo; it seems clear that Mars Hill Church does not want this information in front of the public. I intend to repost it in keeping with fair use of material for commentary. In the mean time, the transcript is below.Video is now below....................................Recently, Justin Dean told me that Mars Hill Church's Global Fund was not a fund after 2012. Even though he admitted the Global Fund … [Read more...]

Washington State Attorney General May Examine Complaints from Mars Hill Global Donors

According to this report at the blog Sola Sisters, the Washington state Attorney General may investigate the questionable practices associated with Mars Hill Global. According to former Mars Hill attendee Dean Watkins: I just got off the phone with someone from the Washington State Attorney General's Office. They have spent some time trying to figure out how to have accountability for the Global Fund issue. As a church, Mars Hill is exempt from filing with the Secretary of State. But under RCW … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Leaders Have Records of Donations to a Fund They Now Say Didn’t Exist

Via spokesman Justin Dean, Mars Hill Church is now claiming that the Global Fund was not a fund after 2012. If that is true, then how is this letter from former executive pastor Sutton Turner to be understood?Sutton Turner wrote: Our records indicate that you have donated to the "Global Fund" since ____ 2012. According to the church, six thousand of these letters were sent to people who donated money to the Global Fund. However, if, as Justin Dean said, there was no Global Fund after … [Read more...]

Why Did Mars Hill Tacoma and Everett Wait Until 2014 to Thank Mars Hill Global?

In light of the memo I posted on October 1 and yesterday's post, I now have a workable theory about why Mars Hill location pastors waited until after May 2014 to acknowledge publicly the money they received from Mars Hill Global.Here is what the memo said about how Global Fund donations would be spent: Global Focus The vision and activities connected to the Global Fund must focus on reaching the worldwide church. As a person sits in front of his computer in Qatar, London, Cape Town, or … [Read more...]

When a Fund Isn’t a Fund: Mars Hill Church Tells Another Mars Hill Global Fund Story

Today's Mars Hill lesson: Global doesn't mean global, and Fund doesn't mean fund.Late last week (Oct. 8-9), a reader, Alex Terry, contacted Mars Hill spokesman Justin Dean with questions about the Global Fund. Alex asked Dean about the legitimacy of the November 2011 memo I posted on October 1 which called on Mars Hill Church to engage in "highly visible" mission projects as a way to fund other Mars Hill non-missions projects. Dean responded and Alex alerted me to the conversation and wanted … [Read more...]

Rob Smith: Where is the credibility of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability?

At Musings from Under the Bus this morning, Rob Smith asks, "Where is the credibility of ECFA?" Also, Smith wonders: One has to wonder what type of financial scandal has to become public before ECFA decides that it will no longer give its once esteemed stamp of approval to Mars Hill Church. I wonder the same thing and have written about the benefit of ECFA to donors. I don't see how there is much benefit when organizations can shield their activities from member and public scrutiny and still … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Global Becomes Mars Hill Go


Mars Hill Global is now Mars Hill Go.From the Mars Hill Church website: Today we are making some changes to Mars Hill Global, and introducing Mars Hill GO. MARS HILL GO A ministry of Mars Hill that supports churches and church planters around the world.“And [Jesus] said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” - Mark 16:15The mission of Mars Hill Church is to make disciples and plant churches. The mission Jesus called us to not only requires t … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Global Fund: Help the Helpless or Use the Helpless?


In all my coverage of the Mars Hill Church Global Fund, two questions have not been fully answered: What was the purpose of the Global Fund? and How much was spent on missions from the money donated to the Global Fund? I have recently obtained a Mars Hill memo that addresses those questions. Although complete answers are not provided, an examination of this memo allows some insight into how the Global Fund functioned at Mars Hill. Apparently, at least during some of the time when the Global Fund … [Read more...]