Rolling Stone’s Facebook page removed; Martin Ssempa returns?

This from editor Giles Muhame's Facebook page:"The Rolling Stone newspaper's facebook page has been scrapped by the social networking website management in US for spreading a hate camapign against homosexuals in Uganda," according to Cliff Abeneitwe, the newspaper's marketing manager. We will miss you guys....For his part, Abenaitwe promises more "men of shame" in next week's issue of the Rolling Stone, perhaps defying a Ugandan judge who ordered a cessation of the outings.Meanwhile, the … [Read more...] petitions Oral Roberts University to end silence on Ugandan anti-gay bill

Progressive website has created a petition targeting Oral Roberts University due to the presence of Martin Ssempa on the ORU Board of Reference. In a January post, I noted that Ssempa was on this advisory board and ask ORU for comment. Here is what I wrote then:Oral Roberts University – Martin Ssempa is on the Board of Reference for ORU. Public Relations Director, Jeremy Burton explained the Board of Reference duties:This Board of Reference is to provide for effective c … [Read more...]

Statement from Ugandan LGBT coalition; Judge rules against Rolling Stone

It was an eventful day in Uganda. The Rolling Stone distributed part 2 of their "hang the gays" tabloid, and a Ugandan judge ordered the tabloid to cease outing gays. Just a bit ago, Sexual Minorities Uganda made the following comments and press release.Kampala.  2.11.2010Uganda: Court issues an interim order restraining the "ROLLING STONE"In two of its publication issue No 5 and Issue no 6. The Rolling Stone a Ugandan weekly Tabloid., “outed” Uganda  LGBTI People. These outings incre … [Read more...]

Statement: Canyon Ridge Christian Church does not support efforts to pass Anti-Homosexuality Bill

This afternoon, Mitch Harrison at Canyon Ridge Christian Church sent me a statement about church support for Martin Ssempa. The statement, in full, reads:Canyon Ridge Christian Church began work in Uganda with the intent of helping address the HIV/AIDS pandemic that was wiping out generations of people in that country and other parts of Africa. Our partnership with Pastor Martin Ssempa began in response to this intent. Because of the current controversy in Uganda over the … [Read more...]

Ugandan government minister Nsaba Buturo supports Hang Them campaign

The world is noticing Uganda again, this time due to the outing campaign conducted with deadly intent by the tabloid, Rolling Stone. This CNN report quotes Ethics and Integrity Minister Nsaba Buturo on the subject:Uganda's ethics and integrity minister Nsaba Buturo dismissed the activists' accusations."They [the activists] are always lying," Buturo said. "It's their way of mobilizing support from outside, they are trying to get sympathy from outside. It's part of the campaign."Buturo … [Read more...]

AP reports Ugandan Hang Them campaign, obscures status of AHB

On October 4, BoxTurtleBulletin and I reported (with more here) that a Ugandan tabloid - Rolling Stone - started a campaign of outing gay people with the caption "Hang Them" on the front cover of the rag.Today, the Associated Press published a story covering the same issue with some new details of the worsening conditions for gays in Uganda. Check this out and compare it to Martin Ssempa's contention that gays are not in danger in his country.The AP story did obscure one important po … [Read more...]

More on Martin Ssempa’s “meeting” with gay leaders

Last Thursday, I reported a statement from Martin Ssempa regarding his views of the Hang Them campaign initiated by the Ugandan tabloid, Rolling Stone.  Ssempa said he...spent three hours with leaders of homosexuals along with Bishop Ssenyonjo-explaining to them his position as a father.I understood the statement to refer to a meeting specifically set up to meet with gay leaders. However, there is more to this statement according to others who were involved. First, here again is Ssempa's … [Read more...]

Martin Ssempa reacts to Ugandan tabloid’s “Hang Them” campaign

On Monday and Tuesday, I posted screen captures of a new Ugandan tabloid called the Rolling Stone (no relation to the rock and roll magazine) which claimed to out gays and called for their death. Martin Ssempa gave an interview to the magazine and was touted for his anti-gay activism. The tabloid claims to have another four parts to the outing campaign, with more pictures, names and addresses to come. Some of the Ugandan contacts I have corresponded with over the last 20 months have not been … [Read more...]