First study to refer to ex-gays discredited

In 2000, I presented a paper at the annual conference of the American Psychological Association outlining studies which referred to ex-gays, i.e., people who rejected gay as an identity for religious reasons. That presentation was part of a larger symposium organized by Mark Yarhouse and Doug Haldeman on religious and GLB issues. In 2002, that paper was published in the APA journal Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.* That was the same year I was given the Freud Award at the NARTH … [Read more...]

Sexual identity therapy: A blast from the past

In light of conversations on the Exodus-PFOX thread, I thought it might be good to review a past mainstream media article that brought SIT more into the mainstream conversation.The LA Times article now titled "Approaching agreement in debate over homosexuality" by Stephanie Simon (now with the Wall Street Journal) was published on June 18, 2007 with the title, "New ground in debate on ‘curing’ gays.”The article begins with some familiar ground to this blog:Alan Chambers directs Exod … [Read more...]

Sixth annual memorial vigil for Jeffery Owens is June 6th.

Michael Bussee said today in a comment that tomorrow night a vigil is being held in honor of the memory of Jeffery Owens, Michael's best friend, who was killed in the attack that also resulted in injury to Michael. The attack was a cowardly and viscious hate crime directed at Michael, Jeffery and two friends.In support for Michael, I want to post the details of the vigil in hopes that readers who are close by might attend and those of us who read here can offer prayer for Michael and … [Read more...]