Scott Lively and Bryan Fischer Laud Uganda as Christian Nation; Support Anti-Homosexuality Bill

World Net Daily and Scott Lively sang the praise of Uganda's President Yowari Museveni in an article published November 24. Museveni recently prayed at two events and seemed to repent for Uganda's sins. His prayer was a recitation of problems with no mention of specific actions on Museveni's part. However, WND and Scott Lively, who is quoted in the article, believe Museveni's prayer should be a model for other nations.This article relates to meetings that occurred in Uganda back in October. … [Read more...]

Uganda health minister linked to Bahati bill deputy Julius Oyet

Bruce Wilson at Alternet has much detail on this story, including background on the relationship of Oyet to the New Apostolic Reformation.Newly appointed Minister of Health Christine Ondoa is also a minister in Julius Oyet's Lifeline church. Oyet is a Ugandan proponent of the Seven Mountains teaching which calls Christians to gain dominion in a nation by gaining prominence in all domains of society, including the government.Oyet prophesied Ondoa's rise to the Cabinet. Oyet is well … [Read more...]

Uganda: Opposition leaders arrested in wake of protests

UPDATE: Photos of the protests...The Ugandan government is cracking down on peaceful protests by arresting opposition leaders, including some who opposed President Museveni in the recent February election.KASANGATI, Uganda — Police in Uganda battled protesters for the third time in a week and again arrested the country's top opposition politician on Monday, and the Red Cross said one protester died after being tear gassed.Police arrested Kizza Besigye and about a dozen members of par … [Read more...]

Uganda voting results: Museveni win looks likely

I have been following Uganda votes on Twitter and the support for sitting President Museveni looks very strong. has this news just minutes ago:Breaking: #Uganda sources report a #Museveni win to be announced at 12am giving him 67% of vote. #UgandavotesMost results on Ugandavotes favor Museveni strongly. There have been sporadic reports of irregularies and involvement of the military but I have not seen much of that.Ugandan readers: what are you seeing? … [Read more...]

Movement away from Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill?

Scroll to the end for updates and audio of President Museveni's speech and a video report from NTV.Uganda Talks, the blog of The Independent posted this on Twitter this morning:Uganda backs off anti-gay bill: Saying that it contradicts Uganda's foreign policy, President Museveni announced t..., the link goes to a page which says the content has been moved or not published yet. I called the Indenpendent to learn that the content has not been published. … [Read more...]