Mega-Ministry Methods: David Jeremiah Sows the Wind and Reaps the Windfall

One of the key events that led to the demise of Mars Hill Church in 2014 was the revelation that the church leaders had used around $250,000 of church money to strategically buy a spot on the New York Times bestseller list for Mark and Grace Driscoll’s 2011 book Real Marriage. Manipulating bestseller lists became a debated topic for several months after it was learned that other leading Christian authors had also used Result Source to manipulate the bestseller list (e.g., Les & Leslie P … [Read more...]

Gospel for Asia No Longer Member of National Religious Broadcasters; K.P. Yohannan No Longer on NRB Board

Acting on a tip, I contacted the National Religious Broadcasters to ask if Gospel for Asia had been dropped from membership in the organization. I also asked if K.P. Yohannan was still a part of the 2018 board class.Spokesman Kenneth Chan provided the following statement: GFA is no longer a member of NRB. That part of the website was outdated and now fixed. Mr. Chan provided no answer to my question about why GFA isn't a member.At one time, the organization was a member and Yohannan … [Read more...]

National Religious Broadcasters Network Again Broadcasts Controversial Institute on the Constitution Course

In 2012, the National Religious Broadcasters Network aired the Institute on the Constitution's 12 part course on the Constitution. The NRB took some heat over that choice, including the threat of a boycott from a group of pastors in the Cincinnati Ohio area. The same group of pastors threatened a boycott of publisher Thomas Nelson over David Barton's The Jefferson Lies.Near the end of the series, the NRB sent a mixed message about the future of the IOTC on the network. I honestly thought the … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Area Pastors Call On NRB To Sever Connection To League Of The South Board Member

Some Cincinnati area ministers are calling on the National Religious Broadcasters' Network to drop ties to the Institute on the Constitution & League of the South. The group is troubled by Institute on the Constitution teacher Michael Peroutka's course on the Constitution which has been shown on the NRB Network weekly since July. They point out Peroutka's long time membership in the League and the fact that he is a newly elected board member of the organization. The Institute was behind the c … [Read more...]

Institute on the Constitution: Post-Civil War Amendments Helped Undo The Bill Of Rights

(Note correction regarding the National Religious Broadcasters below...)Those following my posts on the Institute on the Constitution may have noted that I have only once critiqued the content of the course being offered on Thursday nights at 8pm (ET) on the National Religious Broadcasters network.  There are two reasons for this. One, I think Michael Peroutka's affiliation (board member) with the League of the South and his stated purposes for the course (support the League and prepare … [Read more...]