Politifact Debunks Bryan Fischer’s Christianity Only View of the First Amendment

Just as I did in 2011, yesterday Politifact debunked Bryan Fischer's claim that the founders said religion but meant Christianity.On his 12/10/13 Focal Point broadcast, Fischer said: By the word religion in the First Amendment, the founders meant Christianity. Not so.Politifact's Punditfact writers consulted Baylor's Thomas Kidd, Rutger's Jan Ellen Lewis and Virginia Foundation for the Humanities Fellow John Ragosta to provide the complete picture. Fischer believes Muslims should not … [Read more...]

Politifact Debunks David Barton’s NRA Origin Story

In January of this year, David Barton told Glenn Beck's audience that part of the reason the National Rifle Association got started in 1871 was to help newly freed blacks defend themselves after the civil war. Watch Barton at 1:30 in this clip.In addition to Barton, Harry Alford, president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, made a similar claim at a press conference in support of the NRA. Alford is the first speaker:Earlier this month, the fact … [Read more...]

Summary: Religious Proselytizing and the Military

Update: The Blaze came out with an extensive look at this issue on May 8 which cites several of posts from this blog.On May 1, PolitiFact came out with a useful summary of the recent controversy over religious proselytizing and the military. The writers evaluated the claim that the military was soon going to court martial Christians. At the end of the analysis, they labeled the claim "Mostly False." Politifact noted the reason the claim was mostly false and not completely false: "Still, … [Read more...]