Donald Trump Replicates and Extends Russia’s Views of the U.S., Obama and ISIS (SARCASTIC UPDATE)

UPDATE (8/12/16) Now Trump is saying he was being sarcastic in his labeling of Obama and Clinton as the "co-founders" of ISIS.Ratings challenged @CNN reports so seriously that I call President Obama (and Clinton) "the founder" of ISIS, & MVP. THEY DON'T GET SARCASM?— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 12, 2016I get it now. All that talk of building a wall, deporting 11 million people, saying Merry Christmas and naming conservative Supreme Court justices, … [Read more...]

Ten Years of Blogging: A Birther Post Brings Almost 3,000 Comments

Through the years, commenters have come and gone and at times the discussion is vigorous. The post with the most comments was a news item on a case regarding President Obama's birth certificate (remember that?). At risk of starting a long series of comments from birthers, truthers and their opponents, I link to the post with nearly 3,000 comments.Berg was trying to prevent the electoral college from voting on Obama's electoral victory. However, eventually Justice Souter ruled as … [Read more...]

BarbWire Article and Graphic Turns Opposition to President Obama in an Ugly Direction

As do other websites, Matt Barber's "news" website BarbWire runs many articles which are provocatively titled. One late last week caught my attention, in part because of the irresponsible title and in part because the graphic misquotes President Obama.The article claims Obama met with Islamic leaders to coordinate attacks on Christians. For some reason the word verbal is in brackets: President Obama met with American Islamic leaders in early February at a secret White House meeting, and … [Read more...]

President Obama's Aunt graduates from Unification church seminary

In news you might not see elsewhere...President Obama's Aunt, the Rev. Margaret Obama from Kenya, graduated recently from the Unificationist Theological Seminary according to a statement on the church's website.Friends, family and fellow students enthusiastically applauded as twenty-two students received their diplomas at the 35th commencement ceremony of the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) at its New York City campus on Thursday, May 19, 2011. The 15 students receiving their … [Read more...]

Will this calm the birther storm????

The President is releasing his long form birth certificate today.Trump and Franklin Graham may have pushed the right/wrong buttons.So will this calm the storm? Open forum - what will the new objections be? What will birthers say about this development? And what new and startling findings will we see?Been pretty serious around here for a spell, let's have some fun with this.And here it is...I wonder if this thread will finally die? (2800 comments and counting) … [Read more...]

The President lip synchs a speech? ONN is all over it.

No not that ONN, the Onion News Network. See for yourself:Obama Caught Lip-Syncing SpeechAt least, he's in good company...Obama Caught Lip-Syncing SpeechAt least, he's in good company... … [Read more...]

The saga of Kevin Jennings and Brewster: Enter Robertson

In an op-ed dated today but available online over the weekend, the Washington Times assails Obama safe-schools appointee, Kevin Jennings for his handling of a 15-year old student's sexual revelations when Jennings was a young teacher.According to Mr. Jennings' own description in a new audiotape discovered by Fox News, the 15-year-old boy met the "older man" in a "bus station bathroom" and was taken to the older man's home that night.FOX News has also reported on this and pointed to that recor … [Read more...]