Mark Driscoll and Result Source: What About the Other Best Seller Lists?


By now, most people know that Mars Hill Church entered into a contract with ResultSource Inc. to place Mark and Grace Driscoll's book Real Marriage on to the New York Times Best Seller List. World Magazine broke that story and then I posted the contract between MHC and RSI. Overlooked in the fallout from that story is that Real Marriage also made it on other best seller lists. According to the contract, this was by design.Note that RSI pledged to attempt to Real Marriage on best seller … [Read more...]

Where Did ResultSource Go?


ResultSource  is the company Mars Hill Church hired to manipulate the various best seller lists on behalf of Mark Driscoll. Tonight if you go to you won't find success stories beckoning clients to sign up for ResultSource's services. Instead, you see this:Once upon a time, one could read about bestseller campaigns:Bestseller Campaigns ResultSource works with thought leaders to maximize their full potential. You know that having a New York Times bestseller isn't your … [Read more...]

One Way Mars Hill Church Might Have Helped Put Mark Driscoll on the NYT Best Seller List

World Magazine today dropped a bomb by revealing that Mars Hill Church entered into an agreement with ResultSource to arrange purchases of his book Real Marriage in order to land on various prestigious best seller lists. The methods described in the World article seem designed to game the system, and make it appear that a book is broadly popular when in fact the sales are being arranged to give a false appearance. According to World, Mars Hill Executive pastor Sutton Turner signed the … [Read more...]