Ex-Members Group Delays New Charges Against Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church Executive Elders

In a press release, ex-Mars Hill deacon Rob Smith said a group of 75 ex-members and leaders at Mars Hill today were prepared to ask the Mars Hill Church elders to consider new charges against the executive elders of Mars Hill Church. However, in light of the action by the Acts 29 Network to remove Driscoll and the church as members, the group has decided to wait. Charges Against Mark Driscoll and Church Executives Delayed After Ouster from Acts 29August 8, 2014Seattle, WA – In the light … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Demonstration Tells Leaders We Are Not Anonymous


I spoke earlier this afternoon with Rob Smith who told me that 100-125 people participated in the demonstration* outside of Mars Hill Bellevue this morning.  According to Smith, the church sent out coffee and donuts but otherwise did not engage with the demonstrators formally   and a woman offered the demonstrators welcome packets. After Mark Driscoll told the congregation that people expressing concerns about Mars Hill were doing so anonymously, the participants wanted to correct that i … [Read more...]

Ex-Mars Hill Group Plans Demonstration at the Church on August 3

Calling it a "We Are Not Anonymous Protest," a group of ex-Mars Hill members plans to assemble outside of Mars Hill Church next Sunday. Created by Rob Smith, the event is intended to respond to Mark Driscoll's claim that many ex-Mars Hill members have been complaining anonymously. Recently, a Facebook group dedicated to countering Driscoll's claim has grown to over 400 members.The group has launched a crowdfunding page at GoFundMe.com with the following description: This campaign is to be a … [Read more...]

Another Former Mars Hill Member Starts a Post-Mars Hill Blog

Rob Smith once attended Mars Hill Church and was a deacon who was on track to become an elder. In 2007, he strongly protested the approach used in dismissing Pastors Bent Meyer and Paul Petry from the church. Smith is the person behind the Facebook group REPEAL THE BYLAWS - EXONERATE PASTORS PETRY & MEYER. He is now also writing about his experiences at Mars Hill at his new blog Musings From Under The Bus (referring to the pile of dead bodies Mark Driscoll famously proclaimed were under the M … [Read more...]