Misconceptions in sexual identity ministry

I also blog on Crosswalk.com and publish articles there occasionally. A recent one regarding misconceptions in sexual identity ministry has not been getting great reviews over there, which is I suppose to be expected given the content. Here is one section which should surprise no regular readere here:One - All gay people are attracted to the same sex because they did not bond with their parents or were sexually abused.Untold pain and confusion has been caused to parents and their … [Read more...]

More new directions from New Directions

Ah, so many word plays...Won't be blogging much this week, but some posts will appear by the magic of delayed publication. Here is a bit of a follow up to the post from College Jay. Wendy Gritter over at New Directions is asking some good Qs, so chime in here or there or both. … [Read more...]

A new blog for New Directions

Wendy Gritter's New Direction ministry has started a blog called, Bridging the Gap. The blog may have the sound of a Bridges Across the Divide but aims for a more relational tone.Go by and give Wendy a shout, eh? … [Read more...]