Get Religion discusses media coverage of the APA report

The Get Religion blog has two entries up today discussing media coverage of the APA sexual orientation and therapy report. The first one deals with the articles by the Associated Press, Washington Times, and Baptist Press.The second one hearts the Wall Street Journal article by Stephanie Simon which discusses the sexual identity therapy framework and the APA report.FYI … [Read more...]

CBN reports on APA report

The Christian Broadcasting Network reports this morning on the APA task force findings.UPDATE: The video now does not reflect the news report linked above. … [Read more...]

APA sexual orientation task force report: Analysis

Earlier today, the American Psychological Association governing board received the report of the Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Response to Sexual Orientation. The report and press release were embargoed until now. With this post, I want to comment on the paper and recommendations made by the Task Force.Generally, I believe the paper to be a high quality report of the evidence regarding sexual orientation and therapy. The authors of the paper (see this post for the new release which … [Read more...]

Press release: APA Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation Report

The APA released the report from the Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation today. This post is the APA press release, I also have an analysis of the report and another post coming with press reports.APA PRESS RELEASEAugust 5, 2009Contact: Kim Mills(202) 336-6048 until Aug. 5(416) 585-3800 – Aug. 5-9--------------------------------------------------------------------------------INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE THAT SEXUAL ORIENTATION CHANGE EFFORTS W … [Read more...]

Fathers, sons and homosexuality

Today, published my article, "Fathers, sons and homosexuality." It is also up at the Christian Post blog and soon a few other places. In this piece, I examine Joseph Nicolosi's reparative drive theory via a very specific claim made recently in London while speaking to the Anglican Mainstream conference, Sex in the City. In an interview with David Virtue, Nicolosi said:In other words, that fact remains that if you traumatize a child in a particular way you will create a … [Read more...]

Multiple pathways to sexual orientation, Part 2

I have referred to this story several times. Seems like a fitting parable for our discussion.The Blind Men and the ElephantJohn Godfrey SaxeIt was six men of HindustanTo learning much inclined,Who went to see the Elephant(Though all of them were blind)That each by observationMight satisfy the mind.The first approached the ElephantAnd happening to fallAgainst his broad and sturdy sideAt once began to bawl:"Bless me, it seems the ElephantIs very like a … [Read more...]

Multiple pathways to sexual orientation, Part 1

On other threads, we have discussed why reparative therapy vignettes and ex-gay testimonies are so often alike. I have suggested that there are different causal pathways which lead to different sexual orientation outcomes. Also, therapists like Joe Nicolosi and Richard Cohen have strong public positions which promote a particular causal narrative. Clients who may have histories in line with those narratives seek counseling from those therapists. The same dynamic likely occurs in Exodus … [Read more...]

Christianity, homosexuality and the law

I am repeating in full a post from August, 2008 regarding religious arguments for the separation of church and state. I do this in response to the calls from Stephen Langa, Caleb Brundidge and Scott Lively to maintain laws criminalizing homosexuality in Uganda (and elsewhere). First the post:Sally Kern, with help from my friend and colleague at Grove City College, T. David Gordon provides today's open forum discussion.Mrs. Kern is in the news today about a speech she gave in Norman, OK … [Read more...]