Teen Mania Puts Out the Fire; Letter from Ron Luce to Honor Academy Alums

Christianity Today is on a roll. After solid articles by Bob Smietana on Gospel for Asia and The Gathering, Morgan Lee scores an interview with Ron Luce on the end of Teen Mania. I am impressed that Lee got Luce to talk about the Honor Academy. What emerges is a study in self-justification and blame shifting. Essentially, Luce blames the kids for being soft. Luce told Lee that kids changed over the years. Luce said coaches and military leadership used to be able to motivate young people by … [Read more...]

Board Members Quit Floundering Teen Mania; Will Gateway Church Continue Support?

World magazine reported on October 17 that half of Teen Mania's independent board members resigned. I am linking to World's coverage of TM as an alert to readers that the former high flying ministry is in free fall. TM continues to break commitments and is going deeper into debt to various groups, some of whom are suing.Top Ten Charities in trouble; note that TM is #5.I am not sure why anyone would want to be involved with TM after seeing this in 2011:Part two and part three are … [Read more...]

Warrant Issued for Teen Mania Founder Ron Luce

According to World magazine, a Colorado court has issued a warrant for the the arrest of Ron Luce, founder of Teen Mania.Read the article for the details but it appears that Teen Mania owes a lot of people a lot of money and doesn't have any.Teen Mania has many very high profile endorsers. See this page for the list. … [Read more...]

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill: What are American Christians doing?

This post will be a work in progress in that I am going to list organizations with connections to those in Uganda who are suporting the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. As I learn of various statements and positions of American Christian groups, I will post them, even if there are no particular ties to promoters of the bill. I need to caution readers that being listed here does not mean that the organization or anyone in it supports the bill. Reactions have varied and those reactions are what I am trying … [Read more...]