Politifact rates Tim Pawlenty's views on sexual orientation

On the July 10 Meet the Press program, Tim Pawlenty was asked by David Gregory whether or not homosexuality is a choice and if it is genetically caused. Politifact rated Pawlenty's answers and overall did a pretty good job of it.They rated Pawlenty as mostly true on the genetics question but false on the question of choice. Go give it a read. Also, what do you think of this money quote from Michael Bailey?:"If you can't make a male attracted to other males by cutting off his penis, … [Read more...]

Romney rejects the Iowa marriage pledge; Pawlenty on the fence?

Today, Mitt Romney called the Iowa Family Leader marriage pledge "undignified and inappropriate for a presidential campaign." He is, of course, correct.Meanwhile, Tim Pawlenty has not decided about his support for it.UPDATE: Gov. Pawlenty refused to sign the pledge. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer asks and Tim Pawlenty tells. Why?

It is all over that likely 2012 GOP presidential contender Tim Pawlenty supports the reinstatement of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. While this is interesting in itself, I want to echo Ron Hill, a columnist at the Frum Forum this morning who asks: "Why’s Pawlenty Courting the Anti-Gay Right?"Good question. More from Mr. Hill:Pawlenty made his statement on the radio program of Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association, a smart choice if you want to sell a book  to social co … [Read more...]