Newsweek issues correction on Palin social issues story

Katie Paul at Newsweek alerted me that Newsweek printed a correction to their story claiming that Palin cut funding for teen mothers and the state WIC program. I blogged about it here and had extensive conversations with Alaska officials about the claims. Ms. Paul was also diligent to work with Alaska officials to correct the story once I made her aware of the facts.Here is the correction (at the end of page 2):Clarification (updated Sept. 11, 2008) : A number of readers have challenged … [Read more...]

Did Sarah Palin cut funds to poor women and children?

As I noted yesterday, Newsweek is the latest mainstream media to repeat the inaccurate claim that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin cut funding to teen mothers. In fact, she signed a 2008 budget that dramatically increased funding to a charity which is expanding to serve more needy kids.In the same article and in the attempt to make a case that Palin is not family friendly, Newsweek writer, Katie Paul, claimed:Palin has also voided funds for two other similar programs during her tenure as … [Read more...]