Unificationists sees Kingdom coming with the help of Obama

Soon it will be time to study religious and other cults in my social psychology class as an aspect of the chapter on persuasion. This is controversial since those in groups that are considered cults by outsiders often lament that their movement is just one of many religions. A strong, godlike leader who is unquestioned in authority is at the center of a cult. Even when the leader is inconsistent and in violation of reason, questioning is viewed as disloyal and actively discouraged. Former Unificationist Steve Hassan maintains a valuable site with much more on this topic.

Moon watchers will be interested in the following information. According to well placed Unificationists, Barack Obama has cultivated ties with Moon and his followers since before he was a Senator. Moon’s daughter and newly appointed leader of the Family Federation in the US, was an Obama supporter and attended an Obama fundraiser at the Moon-controlled Manhattan Center in New York City.

The picture below has this caption on the True Parents website.

While in Korea after the US presidential election, Ki Hoon Kim felt strongly that America and Barack Obama immediately needed True Parents’ blessing. Thus, when he met with True Parents in November 2008, he received True Father’s signature on a picture of Barack Obama at the 2003 True Family Values Awards’ Banquet.


The True Family Values group is a Moon related group. Moon and his wife are considered the “true parents” who bless marriages and create blessed families. The Moon theology believes he is carrying God’s desire to bring world peace through perfected families. Adam and Eve sinned and did not do it. Jesus didn’t marry and so did not create blessed families. Moon and his wife are the Messianic figures to finish the job. Apparently, by 2013 in Hawaii, the Kingdom will come according to this passage from a Moon follower. Note the reference to Obama here:

Rev. Yu explained that in this new era, we are to reach out to world leaders; this task is no longer as difficult as we may believe. We must invest all our heart into them until the point where they will want to come on their own. We are also asked to reach out to today’s youth in colleges, holding such events as campus Hoon Dok Hae. We can now witness with the new internet technology, sending God’s words to even a thousand people in an instant. We must be courageous and know that God and True Parents are with us. We are asked to revive the members who have strayed from our movement and raise our children and tribes to be blessed and to know the path that we must walk.

Rev. Yang came on the second last day and explained about Father’s life, concluding with some exciting new information. The newly elected United States’ president, Barack Obama, has been attending ACLC conferences and has apparently met with Father on several occasions. Even just before the elections, he attended a prayer breakfast. His wife is involved with our movement as well. This is a new revolution, now that Obama has become president; Father wants to eradicate all barriers between races.

This is the dawning of a new age! We are now in the last battle and we are asked not to fight with weapons but with the sword of God’s word. We can be victorious! The ideal world is just around the bend! True Parents are longing desperately for January 13th, 2013. We must devote ourselves to do our portion of responsibility in bringing about the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven!

By January 13th, 2013, God will draw a line and close the doors. We are to make every effort until that fateful day because no matter how much we cry and beg, nothing can be changed once that day has come. We’re either in or we’re out.

Some background. The ACLC is the American Clergy Leadership Conference which is Moon supported group. This is supposedly an inter-faith group but mainly advances the Moon is Messiah message as in indicated here.

Dr. Yang gave the welcoming address to great applause. Dr. Yang is deeply loved by the ACLC as its chairman. Because he is open. So many times when things seemed to be set in stone if a “consensus” of clergy come forward to share some better way, he will join that direction. They know he will not change easily, but that he will listen. That moves their hearts. Then Pastor Jesse Edwards came and “testified”. Brothers and sisters, one day this will be recorded in history. I felt like I was listening to Paul when he cried out before communities that had little in the hearts for Jesus Jesse is now crying out, 2000 years latter proclaiming without question that Jesus anointed Father Moon as the Messiah. He shared that this didn’t come for him easily. He has lost many members, friends and even family over the conviction that he has. Many times they begged him to give it up and get back to the “normal” Jesus. Imagine what it was like for those who joined Jesus at the beginning. There must have been many families who begged their loved ones who joined Jesus to just get back the the “normal” ways of Judaism. You will then be safe and you won’t be rejected. But certain people have been chosen by God to do this work.

With this background it was beautiful to see the Program Book that has about 30 pages of ads from some of the most well known churches in the region. Also, Bishop Kim didn’t forget to call upon all the organizations that Father Moon founded to get their ads. It was beautiful to see the full page congratulatory ad of the Washington Times next to the full page congratulations from Rev. Thomas Jackson and the prestigious South Shore Ministerial Alliance. The South Shore Alliance includes the Roman Catholics, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the Church of Christ, the mainstream religious community of seminaries such as the Lutheran School of Theology, McCormack Theological Seminary and the University of Chicago Divinity School. This book in itself was quite a testimony to the support of True Family Values and ACLC in Chicago. In addition, due to the consistent activity of blessed families participating in the anniversaries and other big events of the Chicagoland churches it was a natural thing for most of the churches to “sponsor” a table for their pastor and key leaders. Some churches bought three tables. One of particular note was a noted Basptist bishop who shook up Chicago a couple years ago when the Clouds of Witnesses came out. He totally and openly opposed Father Moon and challenged all the clergy to reject this idea that Father Moon was anointed by Jesus to fulfill the second Coming. This is Blasphemy!!!

Sadly, a lot of pastors fell away from ACLC because of his strong stand. Yet, here we are two years latter and who is it that not only sponsors two tables for Father’s speaking tour but also placed a full page congratulatory ad? This same Bishop!! He came back home to ACLC, he is now comfortable with Father Moon and his “anointing”. How did this happen. Two things I could see. Bishop Kim kept an absolute standard of unconditional love for the Bishop. Though he rejected us, Bishop Kim did not reject him. Last summer ACLC had its prayer breakfast back in the Bishop’s church and the wife of soon to be U.S. Senator Barak (sic) Obama came. Slowly through consistent experience that the Holy Spirit was with this movement his heart changed. We have seen this with so many of our ACLC clergy.

They are all coming back home. But not only that, the thousands who went on the ICC to Korea in the Mid eighties are suddenly starting to feel the call to join Father Moon. Once such preacher is one of the 12 that is traveling with Father’s tour. His name is Rev. Abernathy from Georgia. He’s a white Pentecostal and is a good friend of Rev. Jesse Edwards. He went to the ICC and studied the teaching. Also, his colleague also joined the tour, Bishop Pugh. They testified strongly that they know that this is the work of Jesus. Bishop Pugh mentioned that he had worked with Causa many years ago but couldn’t really understand Rev. Moon’s role. It was in September on the Israel trip that he could really understand. Yesterday at our meeting before the event, Bishop Pugh testified that it was there in the Old City of Jerusalem that he saw the prophesy of Rev. Moon that he heard him speak almost 20 years ago that one day Muslims, Christians and Jews would worship together. He didn t believe it when he heard it. But when he saw the Jews, Muslims and Christians at the Western Wall and the heads of Islam praising Rev. Moon at Al Aqsa Mosque, deep inside the Holy Spirit touched him and he knew who Rev. Moon was.

The Executive Secretary of the ACLC is Rev. Levy Daugherty, a long time Moon follower. According to InJin Moon, the current head of the American Unification movement, Barack Obama sent a personal message to Mr. Daugherty in response to a front page story about Obama in Daugherty’s Kingmaker magazine. Reporting on a meeting with civil rights pioneer, Rev. Joseph Lowery, InJin Moon says:

At the very end of our gathering, In Jin nim showed an enlarged cover of the October 2007 ‘The Kingmaker Magazine’, which ran the headline, “The First American president, Barack Obama,” over a beautiful picture of Obama as a senator, who had inscribed it, “To Levy, Best Wishes.” Beside that, Dr. Lowery also signed, “To In Jin, hold fast to the faith, Dr. Joseph Lowery.”

Far away from Chicago, Moon is building the new Garden of Eden somewhere near Kona, Hawaii and apparently hopes to rule and reign from there. Not a bad choice of spots, come to think about it.


Where does a messiah go to retire? Kona, HI on the Big Island is a pretty good place.

Rep. Danny Davis and Rev. Moon

Danny Davis (D-IL) is a Congressman from the Chicago area who crowned Mrs. Moon the Queen of Peace at the Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.


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