Invisible Women and The Winter’s Tale

The best role for a female Shakespearean actor is Hermione in The Winter's Tale.  Hermione, though absent for much of the play, dominates it with her nobility and grace.  Unlike Rosalind or Portia or others of Shakespeare's strong women, Hermione never puts on a man's clothes to show her power.  She is already empowered.  She states it herself when she is brought to trial for adultery, of which she is innocent. Since what I am to say must be but that Which contradicts my accusation and The tes … [Read more...]

I Speak to Dead People

Part III of Caves, Cloisters and TemplesPart I is here. Part II is here.I am an ordinance worker in the Provo Temple. I get to work with young women, and sometimes older women, who are going through the temple for the first time. I explain to them the meaning of their garments, and promise that they will be protected if they wear them. (I consider this protection to be more spiritual than physical.) I also pronounce supernal blessings on the living who represent the dead.Two … [Read more...]

I Broke Down at the Veil

In this post, I'm going to include something I wrote for By Common Consent in November, when my father made his last trip to the temple to be with my niece, Amber, his granddaughter, who was being endowed.  It was miraculous that Dad was able to attend.  Another niece of mine, Kristen, will be endowed on Friday, but we will not get the miracle this time.  Dad is not up to it.We talked last night, Dad and I, for a couple of hours.  That was remarkable, because he is usually too tired for much … [Read more...]