Death of the Organist

I once learned how to play several stanzas of Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody. I played them over and over. But then the music got hard. It would require work to get the next part, and I wasn’t willing to practice THAT much. I gave up. I am able to play hymns now, but not much more.I thought about my regrettable unwillingness to learn the “hard parts” as I attended Douglas Bush’s funeral in the Provo Central stake center, which houses the most glorious organ in Provo.I was in the stake … [Read more...]

A Public Confession to my Bishop

Dear Bishop:I just did a bad thing.  I didn't mean for it to get to out of hand. I underestimated my passion, and the passion of...well, you know how it happens.  It started out so innocently.  First of all, it was April Fools' Day, and I did what felt right.  I wrote a lie on Facebook.  I included you, Bishop, in the lie.  I said: Seriously, I'm surprised.  I have no idea who inspired this (Gladys Knight?), but my husband, a Mormon bishop, just got an official letter from SLC that LDS churc … [Read more...]