Official Declaration 2 PLUS

 It’s slightly old but very good news now.  The LDS Church has added to its scriptures.  For me, the addition to Official Declaration 2 (the statement that “all worthy males” could now be ordained to the priesthood, undoing the policy restricting those of African lineage from priesthood and associated privileges) is particularly significant:  Book of Mormon teaches that ‘all are alike unto God,’ including ‘black and white, bond and free, male and female’ (2 Nephi 26:33). Throughout the … [Read more...]

White Lady Speaks to the Genesis Group

Preliminary explanation, because inevitably somebody doesn't get it: This is one of those risky posts--a satire.  Think Stephen Colbert.  The subtext is real, however (like Colbert's).  The truth is, Mormons in Utah (particularly older ones) are often uncomfortable with Blacks and overly eager to prove that they're not.  The question "What should I call you?" pops up over and over again, and the conflation with African nationals and African Americans is common.The LDS Genesis group, organ … [Read more...]

Mike Crapo: The First Boy I Kissed

Mike doesn't remember it, I'm sure.  He was twelve years old.  I was eight.  I was hopelessly infatuated with him--as any eight year old girl would have been.  He was adorable. Picture this: dark hair styled like Paul McCartney's; grey-green eyes; tall and still verging the growth spurt that would make him a lean specimen of manhood any artist could use as a model for Peter the Apostle.He was my uncle George's best friend.  I was certainly perceived as a bratty kid--and a redhead at that, wit … [Read more...]