Birthday Thoughts

On June 7, I turned sixty-one.  My two best friends, Jackie Selck Clegg and Elizabeth (Buffy) Cannon Wright, both died in their forties, Jackie of cancer and Buffy in a car crash. My aunt Carolyn also died in her forties.  A heart attack took her.  Two of my husband's sisters died at age forty-five, one of cancer and one of multiple sclerosis.  I look back over the twenty years which I got and they did not and contemplate what that time has meant.  I did write some important books, but others are … [Read more...]

Yucatec Maya Noun and Verb Morpho-Syntax

My father's doctoral dissertation is titled Yucatec Maya Noun and Verb Morpho-Syntax. I find that an impressive, even intimidating title, though I'm not sure what it means. I amazed my elementary school teachers when I told what my dad “did.”  Nothing common like doctor, lawyer, banker or accountant.  My dad was “an anthropological linguist.”  Picture me at age eight saying that. The typical response was, “Oh.”When I think of Dad working on his dissertation, I see myself romping around a sand … [Read more...]