A Few of my Sisters

This is Augustina Choc and her family. It's not a great picture. You can see my thumb holding it. This was the passport picture the Choc family of Patzicia, Guatemala had when they went by bus to the Mesa, Arizona temple. They saved for years to make this trip. There were a few other families with them. One of the women who participated, Rosalia Tum, told me in her broken Spanish (she speaks Cakchiquel) how touched she was that "everyone was dressed alike." There were no distinctions … [Read more...]

Letter to a Struggling RM

He could be anyone. I might have made him up. Or this might be the template letter I sent to every missionary I wrote to after they returned. Someone once told me that we need a post-mission MTC--the RMTC. The struggles missionaries encounter upon their return when they are suddenly without a companion, back in the "real world," and in culture shock when they enter their own bedrooms deserves some special treatment.So here is my letter:Dear R.M.I want to do this the way I did for two … [Read more...]

Len Hope–in his own words

This is the story of Len and Mary Hope, black converts to Mormonism. Len was baptized just before WWI near Magnolia, Alabama, and Mary later on in Cincinnati. When they first attended church, they were asked not to return. Their response was, "Can we still pay our tithing?" Len and Mary became dear friends with Elder Marion D. Hanks, one of the missionaries who went to their home monthly and served them the sacrament. After the sacrament the Hope family and the missionaries would sing and … [Read more...]