The Secret Life of Jesus ~ Thoughts on Prayer

Jesus would welcome anyone, even liars and religious hypocrites, before whom he leveled a steady gaze into unsettled eyes. Is it possible then that one can accept the challenge of his grace yet dismiss the force behind them?

He acted and– in some cases restrained from acting– in harmony with the purposes of his Father whom he met in prayer. When he was weak he prayed to stay the course, to complete the work of his Father, and to resist the temptation to exercise his bestowal before its time.

The passage of time has assured us that this power was true. But his strength to uphold and endure it came by praying. It was the secret spring from which he drank in lonely mountains.

Many individuals–inventor, innovators, entrepreneurs — operate on the assumption that with hard work and the exercise of applied knowledge– even the most stubborn secrets to success will show themselves. They eschew doubt. He or she must believe there is something there to be found, to be worked for.

The praying person must exercise similar resolve, the doggedness of a pleading widow before an unkind judge. Her not-to-be-denied importunity keeps her knocking  knocking  knocking until at last an answer comes. But why? Why should the act of prayer demand such relentless tenacity?

The answer is this: the movements of God do not come cheaply. Nor are they are capricious.

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