July Lunatic of the Month ~ Russian Subway Woman

A young woman waiting for a subway train in Russia this month was caught on tape being robbed of her cell phone. Standing against the wall minding her own business, nose to the phone, a man entered the corridor from the stairwell near where she stood. He glanced behind him and quickly advanced cavalierly and snatched the phone right out of her hands. Whereas her response would not embody the principles of the Sermon on the Mount (read: she did not turn the other cheek), they nevertheless rise to spirit of Jesus’ unabashed ongoing unequivocal defense of women. The perpetrator clearly violated the law of “loving your neighbor,” and did so to his own peril.

Her fearless defense of (one her perpetrator thought to be) the undefended, her quick wits and deft skill at stifling the assault with proportionate exertion and without gratuitous rage has earned her, whole-heartedly,  this month’s Lunatic-of-the-Month Award.

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“The Lunatic of the Month” is rendered to one who, in the modest opinion of this writer and in keeping with the mandate of this blog, has made a worthy attempt to see “clouds as mountains amid machinations of a no-holds-barred culture,” ~ that is, to believe that the impossible is achievable, against all odds. Candidates are selected regardless of gender, race, orientation, ethnicity or political affiliation. (Nominations are welcomed.)

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  • mhelbert

    I wonder who the real lunatic in this video is. ;o)