Pity Anthony Weiner!

Poor Anthony Weiner. He can’t seem to help himself. The struggling NYC mayoral candidate has yet to surmount the recent revelations of his ongoing email exchanges and related photos (sexts) with a 22-year-old woman. This behavior proved to be vexingly persistent, even after the former congressman was forced to resign because of  sexting scandals in June 2011 and assured the public that the behavior was behind him.

His most recent misstep was his unceremonious dismissal of a fellow mayoral candidate Republican, George McDonald, when Weiner  called him “grandpa”  — at an AARP-sponsored event (!).

To New York’s mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner, I say : Sorry about the name and all that. I cannot imagine the heartache it has caused you over your lifetime, particularly during adolescence. Bad luck! But please — do  yourself a favor and the female gender generally, and get over the fixation. Really, we don’t care. Sorry to be the one to tell you.

If only you understood how unaffected most women are at the sight of men’s privates, maybe you (and others) would stop thinking it  thrilling enough to compromise social, political and marital standing by disseminating unsavory images across the internet. What can possibly be gained by doing this? Do you think, in the aftermath, we will like you more? Do you think we will trust your critical judgment? Let me assure all the men out there who think women actually want to see this that they don’t. That is, the women. If the men who post such exposures think women do, then they possess delusions of grandeur that cannot be answered on this earth. Send a baby phot0! That will turn a woman’s head.

I simply cannot imagine the terror you must feel by needing such affirmation and locating one’s sense of identity and manhood in such a singular body part that, at best– on a good day — measures a few inches. Kingdoms have been lost over those inches! And the most stunning aspect of the tragi-comedy is that: women don’t care! (If they tell you they do, they are lying.) Viagra has been an absolute nightmare for women. (“In the rare event of an erection lasting more than 4 hours, seek immediate medical help to avoid long-term injury.”)

Dear Mr. Weiner: get over it. The strongest, most noble members of the opposite sex (“members,” meaning persons; “opposite” meaning those viewed by a woman as belonging to the other gender) could live perfectly healthy lives without it. The inches and related repartee are not the hero a woman cares about.

You’re better than this. More to the point: you’re more than this!

Get ahold of yourself (I mean it metaphorically).  It is enough that a significant portion of the world’s architecture has arisen from the male need to dominate the landscape. We women can live with the buildings. But let it go at that.

It is you that women want. Not some exaggerated pathetically distorted sense of who you think you are communicated by way of a banal and oddly positioned “twitter photos.” It simply is not that exciting no matter how you look at it, and, really, we’d rather not look at it all.

Find that inner man, the man who desires God, who seeks after him and lives in blessed holiness, humility and complete manliness before him.

That is a turn on.

About Wendy Murray

Wendy Murray is a veteran and award-winning journalist. She served as associate editor and Senior Writer at Christianity Today magazine and has written extensively for other publications such as Books & Culture and The Christian Century. She has written 11 books.