God Bless the Addicts ~ Philip Seymour Hoffman and Thoughts on Addiction

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

by Wendy MurrayEternal rest (death) and the picture of Philip Seymour Hoffman with a needle in his arm (addiction) paint the picture of the human and divine. The well-loved actor was found dead on Sunday in his home, heroin nearby. His death elicits anguish, not because of the impact he's left through his affecting roles (unmatched) but because of the soul he brought to them. His work took us to other worlds. And yet he seemed to be languishing for something, and as it turns out, he was. He … [Read more...]

It’s Not Always About Pain, Nor Can It Be


I write today wearied by my own recent posts. I have been writing about divorce, which many have thanked me for and resonated with. I'm glad I can lend a word of solidarity to the hurting. Even so, in the end, the pain of my divorce must not define me or my platform and I must find a way to recreate myself outside the complex emotional minefield that attends any kind of devastation. I am asking God to help me pray for those whom I have felt betrayed by. I am asking God to forgive me my failings … [Read more...]

One More Misguided Distraction for Measuring “Self-Importance”


Is it not enough that those of us actively engaged in social media face the temptation to make false comparisons? (Susie has more "followers"; Bill's lame post get retweeted multiple times!) Now we are beckoned to measure our social influence through Klout.According to Jim Duffy's  "Klout Review & Rating," PCMag (June 2011): "Klout scores are supplemented with three nominally more specific measures, which Klout calls "true reach," "amplification" and "network impact." True reach is bas … [Read more...]