Affliction shall Advance the Flight in Me ~ A Poem

The season of Lent rises to its devastating and astonishing conclusion this week. At long last, the veil of the dark night will be forever rent and those who abide in death will have a door to walk through into a new kind of life. Jesus will suffer first (Good Friday), and then the forces that crushed him will themselves be crushed two days later (Resurrection Sunday). In its time it was a cosmic event that, in its starkest movements, occurred beyond the veil, in a place where human eyes cannot … [Read more...]

A Wild Week in the Landscape of the Universe

Holy week. The last week in the life Jesus, the son of a carpenter from the small town of Nazareth (now part of the Palestinian Territories). It was a week that New Testament writer, N.T. Wright describes this way: “Jesus was called to throw himself on the wheel of world history, so that, even though it crushed him, it might start to turn in the opposite direction.” So much seemed so unholy about it when it played out in real time:Weeping women, coward  friends, dirty cloaks and mob acti … [Read more...]

A Scandalous, Tumultuous Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday was the day chosen by Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) when Francis' beloved Clare of Assisi (1192 - 1258) would sneak out at night, run the fields below the town, leaving her family forever to follow Francis till the day she died. Both Francis and Clare were revolutionaries in this regard: he, by championing the first monastic order for women; she, by running through the fields to claim it. Rather than marry into wealth and royalty, as was her destiny as part of the house of … [Read more...]