The Day the World Stopped


I was writing a book, titled Facing Forward, in September 2001, a memoir related to the uncertainties of mid-life. Then on a bright Tuesday morning, September 11, everything stopped. Uncertainties about mid-life were irrelevant. I joined our country in a collective lament. The world as we knew it ended that day and the world has not been the same since.I include below the concluding paragraphs of the chapter I was writing in the aftermath of  this sad day. In the end I found that -- whether i … [Read more...]

August Lunatic of the Month ~ Josh Weathers Singing “I Will Always Love You”

Josh Weathers

Full disclosure: This astounding performance by Josh Weathers of Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You, sung with all the vocal reach and dexterity of the late Whitney Houston, did not originally take place this month. But the discovery of the video of it did.He tells a lively back story (be patient and listen) about how it came to pass that he learned and memorized the song, with all of its octaval gymnastics, as he sips whiskey before beginning to give it a go. (I commend him for not … [Read more...]

July Lunatic of the Month ~ Russian Subway Woman

Russian Subway Woman

A young woman waiting for a subway train in Russia this month was caught on tape being robbed of her cell phone. Standing against the wall minding her own business, nose to the phone, a man entered the corridor from the stairwell near where she stood. He glanced behind him and quickly advanced cavalierly and snatched the phone right out of her hands. Whereas her response would not embody the principles of the Sermon on the Mount (read: she did not turn the other cheek), they nevertheless rise to … [Read more...]

June “Lunatic of the Month” ~ Stephen Colbert


You have to love a man who loves his mother. Political satirist and wildly popular television host Stephen Colbert broke character in the aftermath of his mother's death to pay a moving tribute to her. Because the courage, grit, humility and sincerity this superstar brought to this moment, Poets & Lunatics has made Stephen Colbert June's Lunatic of the Month. Colbert's words speak for themselves. I add here, as a prelude, only a portion of the poem "Song of Myself" by Walt … [Read more...]

May Lunatic(s) of the Month ~ The Gas Pump Singers

With apologies to the reader for posting this a day late: P & L Lunatic of the Month (May) is: The Gas Pump singers: Monifa and Will Sims for their hilarity, spontaneity, and demonstrating the indomitable human spirit … [Read more...]

April Lunatic of the Month ~ Tony Rooke


By Wendy MurrayA Brit who took on the BBC and their staged reporting of the attacks of 9/11  ~ ~ and won:Tony Rooke. In a story that was quickly overshadowed by the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon, this fascinating story is worth highlighting.49 year-old Tony Rooke refused to pay his required TV licence to the BBC because he believed the BBC covered up facts about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and paying his bill would be tantamount to supporting "the practice of t … [Read more...]

March “Lunatic of the Month” ~ Rand Paul


Note to Readers: “The Lunatic of the Month” is rendered to one who, in the modest opinion of this writer and in keeping with the mandate of this blog, has made a worthy attempt to see "clouds as mountains amid machinations of a no-holds-barred culture,” regardless of gender, race, orientation, ethnicity or political affiliation. The conferral of the award does not suggest endorsement or promotion of a recipient's expressed affiliations. Nominations are welcomed.   ~  ~  ~ Who can liste … [Read more...]