A “Crusade” That Defies the Stereotype

The Little Friar who Brought a Great Peace Francis of Assisi's bold action in the context of religious warOnly one time during the period of global religious conflict known (now) as the Crusades did Christian forces conquer Jerusalem. That occurred during the first Crusade in 1099. The only other time Christendom laid claim to the Holy City only was in 1229, when the Muslims under the leadership of Malik al-Kamil freely remitted it to them. That year, al-Kamil negotiated a ten-year peace … [Read more...]

Unceremoniously Insulted

I have been working these past weeks on a Bible study guide (details forthcoming) and it has been a helpful and vexing exercise. It is difficult to assume the position of spiritual guide (being the author) when you are afflicted with uncertainties of your own and contending with common struggles that have been known to men and women throughout all time. Inevitably, I would be put to the test regarding whatever virtue I was exploring at that point. For example, on a day when I was writing about … [Read more...]