Do Nations Have Souls?


 Today we celebrate the singularly American, most beloved and festive holiday: "the Fourth of July" -- The day brave citizens of the New England colonies --tradesmen, scholars, farmers and clergymen -- officially declared to the world that they would no longer be ruled by the long arm and intrusive reach of tyrannical Britain. When John Adams, a primary architect of the newly-conceived government, was nearing the end of his life he shared intimate thoughts with those who would follow … [Read more...]

The Boston Massacre of 2013 ~ Boylston Street


 The first Boston Massacre, known as the Incident on King Street, (March 1770), remains a pivotal point which, in the pre-Revolution formative years of what was destined to become "the United States," would define the Commonwealth and the nation. British troops had been stationed in Boston, then, the capital of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, to protect crown-appointed colonial officials attempting to enforce unpopular Parliamentary legislation.Tensions were high among the … [Read more...]