The Day the World Stopped

I was writing a book, titled Facing Forward, in September 2001, a memoir related to the uncertainties of mid-life. Then on a bright Tuesday morning, September 11, everything stopped. Uncertainties about mid-life were irrelevant. I joined our country in a collective lament. The world as we knew it ended that day and the world has not been the same since.I include below the concluding paragraphs of the chapter I was writing in the aftermath of  this sad day. In the end I found that -- whether i … [Read more...]

April Lunatic of the Month ~ Tony Rooke

By Wendy MurrayA Brit who took on the BBC and their staged reporting of the attacks of 9/11  ~ ~ and won:Tony Rooke. In a story that was quickly overshadowed by the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon, this fascinating story is worth highlighting.49 year-old Tony Rooke refused to pay his required TV licence to the BBC because he believed the BBC covered up facts about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and paying his bill would be tantamount to supporting "the practice of t … [Read more...]