Oscar Pistorious’s Weeping and Vomiting Shows Someone Who Is Out of Control

Pistorius's vomit bucket at the ready.

It is truly alarming to see a chiseled muscled athlete so continually unhinged. Oscar Pistorius, the Olympic and Paralympic champion, finished out five grueling shriveling days of cross-examination in the South African courtroom, under the hammer of prosecutor Gerrie Nel. Throughout the cross examination and regularly at all points in the trial, the court has had to recess because of Pistorius’s weeping, wailing, and vomiting.The state is attempting to make the case that Pistorius and his g … [Read more...]

International Women’s Day: Remember the Enslaved

welsh-brothel-23919515 (1)

An interview with a sex trafficking survivor by Wendy Murray The following interview was part of a major feature story I wrote for Christianity Today,  titled "The Hidden Slavery" (Nov 2003). Wendy Murray interviewed Srey Dara (not her real name) who had been victimized by the sex trade in Phnom Penh, Cambodia before she was rescued.How did you become entrapped? When I was 17 years old, I was married. After three months my husband wanted to move to do business in a distant province. I d … [Read more...]