Thoughts on Lent 15 ~ Affliction shall Advance the Flight in Me


The season of Lent rises to its devastating and astonishing conclusion this week. At long last, the veil of the dark night will be forever rent and those who abide in death will have a door to walk through into a new kind of life. Jesus will suffer first (Good Friday), and then the forces that crushed him will themselves be crushed two days later (Resurrection Sunday). In its time it was a cosmic event that, in its starkest movements, occurred beyond the veil, in a place where human eyes cannot … [Read more...]

A Very Dark Thursday

Jesus Fresco arms wide_edited

 Thomas Merton described the spiritual death of the Dark Night of the Soul as “the awful dereliction of the soul closed in upon itself.” This seems an apt description of what Jesus experienced on the last full day of his life, also known as Maundy Thursday, when all those he loved abandoned him.On the evening of Maundy Thursday many years ago, in the aftermath of my divorce, I entered a dimly lit sanctuary. Two glowing candles adorned the altar in a darkened sanctuary amid cros … [Read more...]