Nothing to Celebrate: Question Ten of Ten

   Taking The Dave Test during the Holiday  Question Ten: “Can I be a friend?” Introduction to the series Much of the last year was thread through with considerable loss.  My brother, Dave, battled a fatal brain cancer for nearly eight years and he died this last January as the result of a fall that was due [Read More...]

No Cause for Celebration: Question Three of Ten

     Taking The Dave Test during the Holidays                                     Question Three: “Can I avoid using stained glass language?”                                           [Read More...]

When God gets angry


From a Christian perspective, one of the more telling pictures of divine anger is the cleansing of the Temple.  John’s version of the story goes like this: After this he went down to Capernaum with his mother, his brothers, and his disciples; and they remained there for a few days.  The Passover of the Jews [Read More...]

Is God angry all the time?

Angry God

Judging from what directees have told me — and even from a good deal of what is in print — a lot of people are fairly sure that God is angry.  Angry some of the time, maybe angry all the time. Some fairly reputable scholars have even argued that is why we need to retool [Read More...]

I’m as mad as hell. Should I feel guilty about it?


Not all anger is the same: Anger can be a vague, generalized feeling It can be occasioned by a specific set of circumstances It can arise out of the disparity between what we want and what is (And what we want can be a healthy, good thing to want…and it might not be) It can [Read More...]