3 Reasons Why Immortality Isn’t Everything It’s Cracked Up to Be

Chinese tech giant, Huawei, is on a campaign to compete with religion beyond the grave. More accurately, I suppose, one could argue that with the company’s help, the Chinese government is trying to erase the need for religious convictions by making the grave irrelevant. Or that’s the conclusion reached by Catholic Theologian, Thomas Williams.Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Shanghai this week, Huawei’s Kevin Ho, President of their handset products line, announced that soon child … [Read more...]

The Empathetic Spirit

A great deal has been written about empathy from a psychological point of view, particularly in the effort to distinguish it from sympathy.  Far less has been written about its spiritual dimension.On that score, arguably the etymology of the word remains an important clue to its spiritual significance.  From the Greek preposition en or “in” and the noun, pathos or passion, empathy refers to the capacity to “feel into” or even “suffer into” the experience of another.It becomes instantly cl … [Read more...]

Why is the Incarnation important?

Why is the Incarnation important?I’ve contributed an abbreviated answer to this question as part of a symposium here at Patheos:http://www.patheos.com/Resources/Additional-Resources/Why-the-Incarnation-Matters?offset=1&max=1Check out the responses and chime in.  Here is the rather longer version of the answer I gave:From the beginning Christians have affirmed that Jesus is both fully God and fully human.Why?If Jesus is just a good guy, then the world has one more hero --- but no … [Read more...]