No Cause for Celebration: Question Five of Ten

   Taking The Dave Test during the Holidays                                     Question Five: “Can I give up trading in magic and superstition?”                                         [Read More...]

The Unspoken Prayer


Formulas and language are so much at the forefront of our conversation about prayer, that the mystery of a conversation with the living God is all but lost.  Add our preoccupation with intercession and petition and the mystery disappears completely.  God has become like a stranger — accosted on the sidewalk — forced into our [Read More...]

True Silence


  Silence, true silence Is not just about the absence of sound.   That, in fact, is hard, If not impossible To attain.   It is about the silence of the heart, A laying to rest, Of self absorption And justification —   Of malice And hubris — Of the constant chatter We suppose is [Read More...]

Life Prayers

Life Prayer

In our search for spiritual direction we often look for the exceptional and the extraordinary.  That is understandable, particularly in an increasingly materialistic world where what is most real is what we can sense — see, feel, hear, touch, and smell.  It is also understandable, given our tendency to think of that world as a [Read More...]

The Embodiment of Prayer: Joe Cajero


Sculptor Joe Cajero was raised on the Jemez pueblo in New Mexico and his work is informed by his Pueblo religion.  Here is how he describes his work, which he calls “The Embodiment of Prayer”: My creative energy is often spiritual in nature.  Each of my sculptures invariably represents some aspect of praise and appreciation [Read More...]

Be a Prayer


Should we say our prayers or read them? Some fairly strong opinions on the subject have driven people one direction or the other in their search for a place to worship.  Baptists will extol the virtues of extemporaneous prayers.  Catholics will celebrate the written prayers of the church and rely on them with regularity.  Other [Read More...]

Be careful what you pray for


A student of mine drew my attention to this story from Anthony Bloom’s Beginning to Pray: The lives of the saints are enlightening in this respect, and in the life of St. Philip Neri just such an occasion is described. He was an irascible man who quarreled easily and had violent outbursts of anger and [Read More...]