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I didn’t get a chance to write about an issue I know has been burning in many of your minds: This season’s finale of The Bachelor was one of the worst finales in the show’s history of bad finales. The season seemed to end on a high note — on a mountain, with Ben Flajnik, down on his knee asking Courtney Robertson to be his wife. So far, so good. Immediately following that episode, however, ABC aired The Bachelor: After the Final Rose. In an ideal world, this means that we get to see the couple finally holding hands out in the open, and the producers give us a close up of the ring.

But not this season. The happy couple had already broken up — to no one’s surprise. As the season unfolded, every single viewer could see the train wreck slowly happen: Courtney irritated the women with her snide remarks but turned on the charm when she was around Ben. Did I say “charm”? Well, she showed up at his hotel room in a robe, before leading him to the ocean to skinny dip.

After the skinny-dipping incident, Ben spoke to the camera, “There’s just something about her that I really like.”

You think?

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