Happy . . . Pearl Harbor Day!

Once I had a dear friend whose birthday fell, unfortunately, on December 7.  Every year her favorite cousin would call to congratulate her with the words “Happy . . .  Pearl Harbor Day!”She loved to tell me about his teasing, but in truth, I could not comprehend the darkness of December 7, 1941, her twentieth birthday. As with most other difficulties in her life, she handled her birthday with grace and wry humor.Her difficulties prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor were not incon … [Read more...]

Nine Life Lessons From Buddy the Elf

We kicked off the Christmas season last week with our first viewing of Elf, starring Will Ferrell.  I say our first viewing because, being one of our favorite Christmas movies, one viewing is never enough.  We love this movie, not only because it is side-splittingly funny, but because the main character, Buddy the elf, is about the best life coach out there.  Here are some of the things he taught me:1.  Accept RealityEven when he falls 915 items behind in the toy building room and is fin … [Read more...]

Unclean! Unclean! The Spiritual Side of ‘Extreme Domesticity’

  When I told a friend about the passionate reaction to my post questioning the hipster homemakers who pointedly bake their own bread and grow their own food, as profiled by Emily Matchar in the Washington Post, he responded, "Of course. You've attacked their religion."Maybe he's right. I wonder if the whole thing isn't a spiritual question after all.The average homemaking mother (and statistically less frequent but still important father) has a chorus of critics in her … [Read more...]

Deadline is Coming to Send a Soldier Holiday Greetings

The Red Cross Holiday Mail For Heroes program is a simple idea: When you're sending out your Christmas or holiday cards, include a few for our troops overseas. I'm sure cards drawn by your kids would be greatly appreciated as well.But time is running out for them to be processed and sent over. The deadline is postmarked no later than December 9, WTOP reports. That's Friday.Send greetings to:Holiday Mail For Heroes P.O. Box 5456 Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456A few … [Read more...]

No Rest on Vacation for the Weary Mom

“Do you have your phone and your iPod, Christopher? I asked while we got off the plane.  He shook his head as he mumbled an exasperated, “Yes, Mom”.Often, my thirteen year-old leaves stuff behind - a jacket at a friend’s house, a soccer ball on the field, a book in his school locker, homework at home or an iPod on the plane…which makes his exasperation at my question so very ironic.  Also, my children have an uncanny tendency to get sick on trips or pre-trip – we’ve had chicken pox, ear infec … [Read more...]

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov writes this about children: Their first-nature is based on us.This is one reason why the biblical verse says "be fruitful and multiply"—"be fruitful" means to have kids; "multiply" means that you are multiplying. By you having children, there are going to be more yous in the world—more people walking around with your values, your thoughts, your attitudes, your actions, and your reactions.You are making carbon copies of yourself.Therefore, being a parent isn't abo … [Read more...]

The New Definition of “Equality”

... is “men and women are equal — except for all the ways in which women are superior.”Carrie Lukas asks, is this the best way to raise our sons? … [Read more...]

The Name Of Your God

Ezra, who is seven, was riding in the back seat of our car with a friend a few weeks back, and their discussion turned to God. He wanted to clarify things a bit, I guess, because he suggested the following:  "I have a good idea.  On the count of three, we'll both shout out the name of our God.  Okay?"His friend nodded, and Ezra began to count.  "One....two....three!"The other boy shouted, "Je-," but stopped short when he realized that Ezra wasn't participating.  His version of you- … [Read more...]